Electrosurgical Instrument Brochures

  • Bipolar Bayonet Forceps - Full Line Yasargil, Cushing, Hardy, Scoville, Gerald, K-Yasargil, MIS K-Yasargil, Malis, Key and Keyfin, Semkin, and more. In handswitch, non-stick, titanium, and more.
  • Bipolar Bayonet Forceps Non-Stick Compare to Stryker*, Silverglide*, Codman's* Mallis, and Integra's* Buz Lite.
  • Bipolar Cables - Best Sellers Our best selling bipolar cables, with angled and pin connectors, available individually or in packs of three.
  • Bipolar Forceps Best Sellers Our best selling bipolar forceps including patterns such as Adson, Jewlers, and Yasargil, and bayonet styles.
  • Bipolar Surgical Cut-Coag Scissors Bipolar Cut-Coagulating Scissors in two tip styles. Ideal for coagulation during and after cutting, in pinpoint and zones. Heavy-duty synthetic blue insulation.
  • Dennis Probe Designed to perform bipolar submucosal coagulation. Pencil grip for easy handling with a bayonet needle mount for easy intranasal view.
  • Frazier Monopolar Suction Coagulator The Frazier monopolar suction coagulator is insulated, angular, with an RF-connector. Brochure includes monopolar cable ordering details.
  • Reusable Monopolar Electrodes Cutting and coagulation electrodes in various diameters and for use with a wide variety of handles. Straight, angled, wire loop, oval, diamond, ball electrodes, and more. Also lists handles for foot and handswitching.