Eye Surgical Instrument Brochures

  • BH Irrigation Bishop Harmon cannula, bulb and adapter, and anterior chambe irrigator set.
  • Cannulas A sampling of our best-selling cannulas including air injection, McIntyre-Binkhorst, Lachrymal, Knolle, Anterior Chamber, Hydro Dissection, Slade, Graether, Bishop Harmon, and more.
  • Femtosecond Laser Speculums, choppers, forceps, flap lifters, double-ended instruments, and more.
  • IA Tips and Handpieces Titanium handle which disassembles for thorough cleaning and inspection, designed with fewer nooks and crannies, and reduces the risk of contamination. Light-weight, glare-free. A large selection of tip styles and port sizes are available. Tips can be rotated intraoperatively.
  • Pupil Dilators Effective and simple dilation via multiple points through a 2.5 or 3 mm incision. Available in five styles.
  • Retina Forceps and Scissors - Reusable 23 and 30 gauge vitreo-retinal scissors and forceps, protective cleaning cover. Scissors in curved, straight, and straight-blunt. Forceps in asymmetrical, end-gripping, delicate serrated, smooth tip, and Rassam membrane picking forceps.
  • Retinal Cannulas and Backflush Infusion, silicone oil, self-retaining sutureless, self-retaining silicone oil sutureless, and dual bore cannulas. Backflush instruments (reusable and disposable), reservoirs, and silicone tips.
  • Retinal Implants Solid silicone implants and sponge silicone implants including tires, circling bands, sleeves, grooved strips, meridional implants, concave, radial wedge, and more.
  • Sapphire Knives Crisp, sharp and precise incisions for faster healing and less scarring. High density gemstones with no metal particles to leave in tissues. Lightweight, durable Titanium handles.
  • Vitrectomy Products 25 gauge trocar system, cutters, fiber optic probes, and cannulas (brush, soft, and Charles Flute tips).
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