Cardiovascular Clamps

Millennium Surgical can help you compare and reduce cost on cardiovascular clamps and other cardio instruments, including these styles and features:

  • Cardiothoracic-Kitzmiller-Clamp-Millennium-Surgical
  • Debakey Cardiovascular Clamp Millennium Surgical
  • Kitzmiller Cardio Clamp Millennium Surgical
  • Cardiovascular Clamp Millennium Surgical Instruments
  • Anastomosis clamps
  • Aorta patterns such as Bailey, Beck, Diethrich, and Kay
  • Vessel and Occlusion Clamps such as Debakey, and Cooley
  • Bulldog Artery Clamps in patterns such as Diethrich, Glover, Cooley, and Gregory
  • Coarctation Clamps such as Cooley
  • Profunda Clamps
  • Thoracotomy Debakey Forceps
  • Renal Artery Clamps
  • Multipurpose clamps such as Dardik and Debakey
  • Patterns in the highest-grade stainless steel and titanium in both adult and pediatric sizes.
  • Patterns such as Micro Kitzmiller, Satinsky, Castaneda, Glover Spoon Clamps, Harken, Henly, Reynolds, Weldon, and Wylie J.

We can reference any catalog number from any company, including these cardiovascular clamps instrument vendors:

Aesculap* | ASSI* | Boss* | Care Fusion* | Codman* | Fehling* | Geister* | Integra* | Jarit* | Kapp Surgical* | Konig* | Koros* | Martin* | Medicon* | Medline* | Micrins* | Miltex* | Pilling-Weck* | S&T* | Microsurgical* | Scanlan* | Snowden Pencer* | Sontec* | SSI* | Stealth Surgical* | Stille* | Symmetry* | V. Mueller* | W. Lorenz* | Weck* | Wexler*

Cardiovascular Clamps Best Sellers

These are only a few of examples of our extensive line of cardiovascular clamps. Don't see what you're looking for? Browse our website, use the search function, or contact an Instrument Expert for more information!

Product: 12-371335

Compare to Codman*: 37-1335

Product: 7-22248

Compare to Scanlon*: 2002-248

Product: 7-22250

Compare to Scanlon*: 2002-250

Product: 13-357197

Compare to Pilling*: 35-7197

Product: 10-320431

Compare to Jarit*: 320-431

Product: 9-67140

Compare to SSI*: 55-6022

Product: 12-371172

Compare to Codman*: 37-1172

Product: 17-343622

Compare to Boss*: 65-6494

Product: 9-67304

Compare to Codman* 37-1200

Product: 9-67245

Compare to Codman*: 37-1141

Product: 13-353532

Compare to Pilling*: 35-3532

Product: 13-353531

Compare to Codman* 19-8167

Cardiovascular Surgical Instrument Specialty Pages

Browse through our most popular instrument types and specialities using the links below. Don't see what you're looking for? Try browsing by type or specialty using the main menu. If you know what you need, contact us!

Millennium offers a full range of high quality instruments including but not limited to the items listed below:
Dennis Multi-Purpose Clamps
Kitzmiller Clamps
Anastomosis Clamps
Resano Forceps
Jacobson Micro Needle Holder Titanium
Jacobson Micro Needle Holder
Dennis Ring Tip Forceps
Gerald Debakey Forceps
Gerald Forceps
Chest Tube Passer
Debakey-Dietrich Tissue Forceps
Diethrich Scissors
Bailey Forceps
Double Action Needle Holder
Glasser Micro Needle Holder
Castroviejo Needle Holder
Potts-Smith Scissors
Jacobson Micro Scissors
Lilehei-Potts Tenotomy Scissors
Valve Scissors
John Hopkins Bulldog Clamps
Glover Bulldog Clamps
Diethrich Bulldog Clamps
Jacobson Bulldog Clamps
Cooley Bulldog Clamps
Debakey Castaneda Clamps
Beck Vascular Clamps
Javid Artery Clamps
Castaneda Clamps
Gregory Profunda Clamps
Lemole Strong Aorta Clamps
Garrett Vascular Dilators
Alexander-Farabeuf Rib Raspatory
Giertz Rib Spreaders
Rib Approximators
Rib Spreaders
Infant Rib Spreaders
Finchietto Rib Spreaders
Ankeney Sternal Retractors
Henly Carotid Retractors
Allison Lung Retractors
*The above referenced company names are registered trademarks of the respective owners of the companies. Millennium Surgical Corp. / are not affiliated with the above companies. Millennium Surgical does not buy or distribute products from the above companies.

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  • Millennium-Surgical-Testimonial-5
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