Compact Cervical Clear Line Retractor Set

  • 118-6005
  • Cervical-Retractor-Post-Alignment-Groove
  • 118-0111
  • 118-0106
  • 118-0087
  • 118-2335SS
  • 118-2340BS
  • The Clear-Line Compact SLS Cervical System is interchangeable with existing cervical systems, with straight posts and innovative blade-alignment grooves.

  • The Compact system features one transverse and one step-down retractor frame, a screw-on retractor handle, two reversible distractors (left and right), and blades with blunt and short teeth in sizes from 30 millimeters to 50 millimeters.

  • The blades are compatible with Shadowline® systems but unlike traditional blades made from lesser-grade aluminum, these are made from 60/61 aircraft-grade aluminum milled from a solid billet.

  • Many conventional frames feature a blade release button that can be bumped by kerrisons and other instruments during the procedure. The posi-lock frames eliminate this locking button and the slide-locking mechanism reduces the accidental release of the blade from the frame.

  • Each set includes a sterilization case, which is also available separately. Contact an instrument expert for exact specifications and ordering information.

  • Comparable to V. Mueller's* Shadlowline™ System, Boss* Image Line™, Stealth* AFC™, and Tedan's* Phantom CS™.

  • Click to download the brochure (opens in new window).

The Clear-Line Cervical Spine Retractor System - Compact Set

For more information on the Clear-Line Compact System and its components, contact an Instrument Expert for more information! Parts are also available individually. Additional sets are also available.

Product: 118-6005

Compare to V. Mueller*: Z-0102

The SLS Compact System Includes The Following Instruments:

Product: 118-0111 Product: 118-0112 Product: 118-0087

Product: 118-0106   Product: 118-0098

Blunt Blades - two of each


Product Number / Blade Size
118-2330B - 30mm
118-2335B - 35mm
118-2340B - 40mm
118-2345B - 45mm
118-2350B - 50mm

Short Teeth Blades - two of each


Product Number / Blade Size
118-2330SS - 30mm
118-2335SS - 35mm
118-2340SS - 40mm
118-2345SS - 45mm
118-2350SS - 50mm

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