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Plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures are often performed to restore, replace, alter, or reconstruct a part of the body. Common areas of focus include the cranial and maxillofacial regions, skin, musculoskeletal, hand, breast, and torso.

Plastic surgery procedures aim to restore, alter, replace, or reconstruct a part of the body. Common areas include the skin, cranio and maxillofacial, musculoskeletal, hand, breast and torso.

Instruments typically used in cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures include:

  • Bone-related instruments such as awls, chisels, mallets, gouges, pliers, elevators, osteotomes, rasps, rongeurs, and wire and pin instruments.
  • Bipolar forceps and electrosurgical products such as cables and units.
  • Instruments for gauging measurements, such as calipers and markers.
  • Traditional instruments such as cannulas, curettes, dissectors, elevators, forceps, graspers, hooks, knives, needle holders, punches, rongeurs, super cut scissors, speculums and spreaders.
  • Retractors, both hand-held and self-retaining.
  • Other specialty instruments such as those used for liposuction and endoscopic brow lift procedures.

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