Sinus Surgical Instruments

Millennium Surgical can help you compare and reduce cost on sinus surgical instruments, including these styles and features:

  • Sinus-Instruments-Millennium-Surgical
  • MicroFrance-Style-Backbiter-Millennium-Surgical
  • Cannulas
  • Chisels and Rasps
  • Curettes
  • Elevators
  • Forceps
  • Hooks
  • Picks and Knives
  • Needles and Needle Holders
  • Osteotomes
  • Probes
  • Punches and Rongeurs
  • Retractors - hand held and fiberoptic
  • Scissors - traditional and supercut
  • Speculums
  • Suction Tubes
  • Trocars

We can reference any catalog number from any company, including these ENT surgical instrument vendors:

ASSI* | Bausch & Lomb* | Boss* | Codman* | Gyrus* | Integra* | Jarit* | Karl Storz* | Konig* | Medicon* | Miltex* | MSI* | Olympus* | Padget* | Pilling Weck* | Richard Wolf* | Richards ENT* | Sklar* | Snowden Pencer* | Sontec* | Sparta* | SSI* | Storz Instruments* | Symmetry* | V. Mueller* | W. Lorenz* | Weck* | Xomed Treace*

Sinus Surgical Instrument Best Sellers

These are only a few of examples of our extensive line of German-made, American-made and high-quality sinus surgical instruments. Don't see what you're looking for? Browse our website, use the search function, or contact an Instrument Expert for more information!

Product: 27-637419
Compare to: SSI*
Product: 2-29941
Compare to: Boss*
Product: 15-586230
Compare to: Karl Storz*

Product: 31-MCEN272
Compare to: Medtronic*
Product: 2-2896SR
Compare to: Medtronic*
Product: 2-2983
Compare to: V. Mueller*

Sinus Surgical Instrument Brochures

  • Arthroscopy-Sinuscopy A line of rigid scopes featuring higher light density, sophisticated lens systems, and color-coded eye pieces.
  • Bipolar Bayonet Forceps Non Stick Compare to Stryker*, Silverglide*, Codman's* Mallis, and Integra's* Buz Lite.
  • Bipolar Surgical Cut-Coag Scissors Bipolar Cut-Coagulating Scissors in multiple tip styles. Ideal for coagulation during and after cutting, in pinpoint and zones. Excellent in use for Bipolar RF Dissection Tonsillectomy (BRDT).
  • Dennis-Probe Designed to perform bipolar submucosal coagulation. Pencil grip for easy handling with a bayonet needle mount for easy intranasal view.
  • Laryngology Instruments Operating laryngoscopes, chest supports, laryngoscope handles, fiber optic and light guide carriers, cannulas, suction tubes, and more.
  • Scissors Scissors including supercut, tungsten carbide, ceramic, dissecting, iris, strabismus, face lift, dorsal, rhytidectomy, tenotomy, platysma, nasal, mayo, metzenbaum, operating, and more.

ENT Instrument Specialty Pages

Browse through our most popular instrument types and specialities using the links below. Don't see what you're looking for? Try browsing by type or specialty using the main menu. If you know what you need, contact us!

Millennium offers a full range of high quality instruments including but not limited to the items listed below:
Bipolar Forceps
Chalazion Forceps
Dressing Forceps
Fixation Forceps
Hemostatic Forceps
Jeweler Forceps
Laryngeal Forceps
Muscle and Tendon Forceps
Nasal Cutting Forceps
Backbiter Forceps
Thru Cut Blaksley Forceps
Ethmoid Punch Forceps
Nasal Septum Forceps
Nasal Turbinate & Polyp Forceps
Sphenoid Punch Forceps
Otologic Micro - Alligator Forceps
Otologic Micro - Cup Forceps
Otologic Micro - Nipper Forceps
Otologic Micro - Vent Tube Introducers Forceps
Otologic Micro - Wire Crimper/Closure Forceps
Otologic Micro Clamps - Ossicle Holding Forceps
Suturing Forceps
Tissue Forceps
Tonsil and Adenoid Forceps
Towel/Serrefine Forceps
Tying Forceps
Utility Forceps
Knife Blade Holders
Knife Blades
Ear Knives
Nasal Knives
Sickle Knives
Tonsil & Dissector Knives
Austin Middle Ear Instruments
Bellucci Middle Ear Instruments
Guilford-Wright Middle Ear Instruments
Hough Middle Ear Instruments
House Middle Ear Instruments
Jordan Middle Ear Instruments
Kos Middle Ear Instrument
McGee Middle Ear Instruments
Paparella Middle Ear Instruments
Rosen Middle Ear Instruments
Scheer Middle Ear Instruments
Schuknecht Middle Ear Instruments
Shea Middle Ear Instruments
Silverstein Middle Ear Instruments
Ring Handle Needle Holders
Spring Handle Needle Holders
Tungsten Carbide Needle Holders
Middle Ear Calipers
Chisels, Osteotomes, Mallets
Adenoid Curettes
Chalazion Curettes
Basic Otologic Curettes
Micro Otologic Curettes
Sinus Curettes
Antrum Curettes
Tongue Depressors
Tuning Forks
Lachrymal Dilators
Otological Dissectors
Tonsil Dissectors
Fixation Hooks
Iris Hooks
Basic Otologic Hooks
Micro Otologic Hooks
Soft Tissue Hooks
Intracordal Injection Set & Needles
Laryngeal Mirrors
Otologic Mirrors
Mouth Gags
Hand-Held Retractors
Self-Retaining Retractors
Ear Specula
Nasal Specula
Suction Tubes, Cannulas
Trocars Trays
Nasal Scissors
Otologic Scissors
Plastic Surgery Utility Scissors
Rhytidectomy Scissors
Stitch Scissors
Strabismus Scissors
Tenotomy Scissors
Tonsil Scissors
Antrostomy/Sinus Surgery Set
Basic ENT Instrument Set
Basic Plastic Set
Blepharoplasty Set
Caldwell-LUC Set
Cleft Palate Repair Set
Foreign Body Removal Set
Functional Sinus Endoscopy Instrument Set
Lid Set
Middle Ear Set
Myringotomy Set
Nasal Polyp Set
Office Instrument Set
Rhinoplasty and Submucous Resection Instrument Set
Rhytidectomy Set
Tonsil and Adenoid Set
Tracheotomy Set
*The above referenced company names are registered trademarks of the respective owners of the companies. Millennium Surgical Corp. / are not affiliated with the above companies. Millennium Surgical does not buy or distribute products from the above companies.

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  • Millennium-Surgical-Testimonial-5
  • Millennium-Surgical-Testimonial-4
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