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Eye surgery, also referred to as ocular surgery, is performed by an ophthalmologist and encompasses many procedures such as:

  • Laser / Lasik and refractive surgery
  • Cataract and glaucoma treatment
  • Corneal and retina treatment
  • Eye muscle and oculoplastic procedures, and more

Specialty surgical instruments commonly used in ocular surgical procedures include:

  • Phaco choppers, elevators, and spatulas
  • Algerbrush and capsule polishers
  • Cannulas, curettes, knives, needle holders, and forceps
  • Clamps, speculums, lid retractors, and fixation rings
  • Corneal and toric axis markers
  • Nucleus and corneal manipulators
  • Diamond knives, probes, punches, and scissors
  • Dilators, elevators, needle holders
  • Ocular shields and more!

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