Capsular Tension Ring Inserter


  • Capsular tension rings are used to stabilize weakened, broken, or missing zonules during cataract extraction using phacoemulsification and continuous curvilinear capsulorhexis techniques.

  • Injectors are used to implant the Morcher capusular tension ring.

  • Syringe-style micro inserters provide a high level of control during the procedure.

  • Inserters consist of a wire with a hook tip, which is used to grasp the capsular tension ring, attached to a plunger and cylinder. After the capsular tension ring is loaded into the cylinder tip, it is inserted into the lens capsule.

  • Bayonet fitting allows for easy separation of the center rod and main body.

  • Overall length of 145 cm.

Capsular Tension Ring Inserter

Product: 87-7810
Compare to Duckworth & Kent: 8-710

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