Cataract Basic Instrument Set

  • German-made, American-made, and high-quality eye instruments for use in small incision cataract surgery.

  • Adjustable lid speculum, suture forceps, tying forceps, utrata capsulorhexis forceps, scissors, needle holders, sinskey hooks, phaco choppers, blade handles, cannula, and micro instrument trays. 

  • Compare to Katena*, Bausch & Lomb*, Storz*, Rhein Medical.*

Cataract Basic Instrument Set

Basic selection of eye surgical instruments, including tray, for use in cataract surgery and basic cataract instrument sets.

Product: 85-167
Compare to Katena*: K1-5671
Product: MS-101
Compare to Bausch & Lomb Storz*: E1796
Product: 92-104
Compare to Bausch & Lomb Storz*: E1815 S

Product: 92-106
Compare to Bausch & Lomb Storz*: E1815
Product: MS-2002
Compare to Bausch & Lomb Storz*: E2002
Product: 85-107
Compare to Bausch & Lomb Storz*: E3320R

Product: 85-110
Compare to Bausch & Lomb Storz*: E3387
Product: 85-112
Compare to Bausch & Lomb Storz*: E3848
Product: 92-125
Compare to Bausch & Lomb Storz*: E0545

Product: 92-814516
Compare to Rhein Medical*: 8-141516
Product: 86-310
Compare to Bausch & Lomb Storz*: E0499 27
Product: 3K

  Product: 77-6120A  

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Millennium offers a full range of high quality instruments including but not limited to the items listed below:
Astigmatism Markers
Blade Breakers
Bipolar Forceps
Capsulorhexis Forceps
Chalazion Instruments
Cystotome Handle
Diamond Knives
DSEK Instruments
Fixation Ring
Iris Retractors
IOL Forceps
IOL Hooks
Kuglen Hooks
Jewelers Forceps
Kelly Punch
LASIK Instruments
Lachrymal Instruments
Lens Cutting Scissors
Lens Forceps
Lens Loop
Lens Manipulator
Lester Manipulator
Muscle Forceps
Muscle Hooks
Needle Holders
Optical Zone Markers
Phaco Choppers

Simcoe Cannula
Toric Markers
Toric Lens Forceps

*The above referenced company names are registered trademarks of the respective owners of the companies. Millennium Surgical Corp. / are not affiliated with the above companies. Millennium Surgical does not buy or distribute products from the above companies.
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