Laparoscopic Trocar Incision Closure Reusable System

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  • 72-SM15
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Reusable alternative to Joystick®
Carter-Thomason Needle Point Suture Passer*
Carter-Thomason CloseSure System®*
Carter-Thomason CloseSure System XL®*
CrossBow™ by Suture Ease*
Pilot® Guide by Cooper Surgical*
Gore Suture Passer*
Karl Storz*
BERCI Fascial Closure Instrument*
Mediflex* Disposable Suture Grasper Closure Device
Richard Wolf*

This reusable device system is used for closure of trocar incisions after laparoscopic surgeries, ensuring complete fascial and peritoneal closure.

This laparoscopic trocar incision closure system, which features a pointed tip and a single-action serrated jaw, is used as a needle and grasper, introduced through muscle, fascia, and peritoneal layers in a simple, single-handed method. It also features a spring-handle which applies pressure to the jaw to ensure the suture holds in place. A variety of sizes of suture guide cones are also available, which assist in angling the suture passer, allowing for complete closure through all layers of fascial and peritoneum.

Simply grasp the suture at mid-length with forceps and with adequate pneumoperitoneum, place the closure device with the suture into the subcutaneous tissue directly adjacent to the trocar cannula. Incorporate all tissue layers as entry is made into the peritoneal cavity and release the suture.

      • Multiple applications:
        • For laparoscopic port closure.
        • Used for endo fascial closure, trocar incision closure, suture passing, percutaneous suturing. 
        • Ligating abdominal wall bleeding.
        • Trocar closure.
        • Hernia mesh tacking prior to final placement.
        • No loss of pneumoperitoneum and safe closure of trocar incisions in higher-risk obese patients.
      • Familiar ring-style handle provides for comfortable ease-of-use.

      • Easy to clean and sterilize.
      • Click here for the PDF brochure.

Trocar Incision Closure Devices:




Laparoscopic trocar incision wound closure and hernia suture retriever. 3.0mm diameter, 18cm working length, spring handle, cleaning flush port, precision micro-pointed and polished tip with platform.


72-5220341C (Modular 3-Piece)

Laparoscopic trocar incision wound closure and hernia suture retriever. 3.0mm diameter, 18cm working length, spring handle, precision micro-pointed and polished tip with platform. Can be disassembled for easy and effective cleaning and inspection.



Bariatric Laparoscopic trocar incision wound closure and hernia suture retriever. 3.0mm diameter, 20cm working length, spring handle, cleaning flush port, precision micro-pointed and polished tip with platform.

Suture Guide Cones


Laparoscopic Trocar Closure Device Reusable System

Below are products from our German-made, American-made and high-quality Laparoscopic Incision Closure Devices and Suture Guide Cones. Don't see what you're looking for? Browse our website, use the search function, or contact an Instrument Expert for more information!

Product: 72-5220341C
Modular 3-Piece
3.0 diameter, 17 cm working length
Product: 72-5220341
With Flush Port
3.0 diameter, 17 cm working length
Product: 72-5221341
With Flush Port
3.0 diameter, 20 cm working length

Product: 72-SM05
5mm diameter, 6cm length

Product: 72-SM10
10/11mm diameter, 6cm length
Product: 72-SM10L
10/11mm diameter, 10cm length

Product: 72-SM12
12mm diameter, 6cm length
Product: 72-SM12L
12mm diameter, 10cm length
Product: 72-SM15
15mm diameter, 6cm length

Product: 72-5220300
3mm diameter, 17cm length
  Product: 21-8756201
Compare to Karl Storz* 26173 and
Richard Wolf* 8756.201

Directions For Use

  1. The suture passer has two operating positions, Jaws Open and Jaws Closed.
  2. Actuate the handle. Place the suture in the jaw depression opening that is nearest to the hinge point.
  3. Close the jaws around the suture by releasing the forward ring.
  4. Pass the needle point with the suture through the tissue by pushing distally on the handle while maintaining a gentle pressure to keep the needle tip closed.
  5. Open the jaw to drop the suture.
  6. Close the jaw and remove the suture passer.
  7. With the jaws closed, reinsert the suture passer in proximity to the first entry point.
  8. Open the jaws to retrieve the suture by pulling back on the thumb ring.
  9. Close the jaws by releasing the thumb ring to form a needle tip.
  10. While removing the suture passer (suture in place) maintain gentle pressure. 


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