Universal Ring Retractor: Handles

  • American-made ring retractor handles! Compare to Symmetry Medical / Codman*

  • The Adapter with Doyen Handle enables any Universal Ring Retractor style instrument to fit comfortably into the hand of a surgeon or assistant.

  • Extenders are used to extend the handle of any compatible retractor blade and are vital to Bariatric and deep pelvic procedures. Simply insert the blade handle into the ratchet on the extender, then insert the extender into the Tilt Ratchet.

Universal Ring Retractor System: Handles

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Universal Ring Retractor Systems Brochure

  • Universal Ring Retractor Sytem American-made stainless steel and titanium rings, posts and retractor blades Compatible with Codman* Retractor Systems. Preconfigured systems available.

Universal Ring Retractor Specialty Pages

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Universal Ring Retractor Rings

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