Universal Ring Retractor: Blades

  • Malleable-Blade-Universal-Ring-Retractor-Millennium-Surgical
  • Gelpi-Blade-Universal-Ring-Retractor-Millennium-Surgical
  • Kelly-Blade-Universal-Ring-Retractor-Millennium-Surgical
  • Balfour-Blade-Universal-Ring-Retractor-Millennium-Surgical
  • American-made retractor blades for use with universal ring systems

  • Compare to Symmetry Medical / Codman*

  • A variety of blades and retractors are available in varying lengths, widths, and styles such as Malleable, Gelpi, Kelly, Balfour, and more.

  • Since malleable blades are made with a thinner gauge of stainless steel (to facilitate bending) and because the distal segment is difficult to see when positioned, all Malleable Blades are manufactured with a protected distal edge, virtually eliminating the possibility of injuring organs or the underside of the abdominal wall during use.

Universal Ring Retractor System: Blades

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63-G1000271 12-504566 63-G5001YHB

12-504591 12-5024598 12-5024599

12-504542 12-504561 12-504562

12-504563 12-504564 12-504565

12-504567 12-504568 12-504569

12-504570 12-504571-12 12-504571-7

12-504571-9 12-504572 12-504574

12-504575 12-504576 12-504577

12-504592 12-504593 12-504594

12-504597 12-504639 12-504640-I

12-504641 12-504642-I 12-504643-I

12-504644-I 12-504645-I 12-504646-I


Universal Ring Retractor Systems Brochure

  • Universal Ring Retractor Sytem American-made stainless steel and titanium rings, posts and retractor blades Compatible with Codman* Retractor Systems. Preconfigured systems available.

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