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Bone curettes are used in orthopedic surgery to remove tissues and growths, such as tumors, from bone. Common patterns include Cobb, McElroy, Lempert, Scoville, Semmes, Stille, Bruns, and Volkmann. Features include phenolic and ergonomic handles, hexagonal or triangular handles, round knurled handles, straight and angled heads, cone ring heads, graduated markings, offset angled shafts, and ebonized patterns.

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Volkmann Curette 5in oval/oval
Millennium Number: 51.3000
Volkmann Curette 5in oval/round
Millennium Number: 51.6600
Volkmann Curette 6 1/2in oval/round
Millennium Number: 51.6620
Volkmann Curette 8in oval/round
Millennium Number: 51.6610
Volkmann Long Curette 11in str #00 phen
Millennium Number: 51.6950
Volkmann Long Curette 11in str #4 phen hdl
Millennium Number: 51.6960
Volkmann Long Curette 11in str #5 phen hdl
Millennium Number: 51.6962
Williger Curette 5 1/2in 3 & 4mm oval
Millennium Number: 50.7300