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10 Key Advantages of Flash-GuardTM Compared to Plastic Flash Units.


Flash Guard Plastic Flash Containers

1. Meets gravity steam flash sterilization parameters (270o for 3 or 10 minutes) as defined by ANSI, AAMI, AORN and sterilizer manufacturers.

1. Does not flash sterilize. It does gravity displacement steam sterilization in a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes at 270o F

2. Fail-safe: No moving parts during the sterilization process.

2. Has valves which must operate (open and close) at appropriate times to be successful.

3. No movable valves to service.

3. The valve must be "burped" at appropriate times to drain the water accumulation to prevent malfunction.

4. Solid stainless steel durability; best warranty available. Sparco will repair/replace the entire system for appropxiately the cost of new with a trade in. The customer never pays full price to replace Flash GuardTM.

4. Plastic lasts for approximately 2,000 to 6,000 cycles. However, the valves and filter will last 1,000 to 1,500 cycles if the steam and water quality is good. If not, the life expectancy is much less. In addition, plastic containers come with only a 90-day valve warranty against factory defects. And the manufacturer recommends valve and filter replacement once a year at a cost ot $250 per container.

5. Flash GuardTM operates the same in a pre-vac steam sterilizer as it does in a high-speed gravity displacement (flash) sterilizer.

5. In a pre-vacuum sterilizer, if the valve fails to open, the plastic container can implode.

6. Not harmed by steam chemicals. Chemicals found in hospital steam (which come from boiler feed water treatment) have no harmful effect upon the stainless steel Flash GuardTM containers.

6. Boiler feed water chemicals passed through the steam onto and into the container can shorten the lifespan of this system.

7. If a sterilization failure occurs, it is always a sterilizer/autoclave malfunction, since the Flash-GuardTM is failure proof.

7. If a sterilization failure occurs, it could be a valve problem or a sterilizer problem, with no way to prove which. A different sterilizer and a different plastic container will be needed in these cases.

8. Immediate sterilization success can be determined. Flash cycle process integrator testing devices are placed in the open Flash-Guard exhaust port prior to flashing and are removed and read prior to removal of the Flash-GuardTM from the sterilizer. If a sterilizer failure is indicated, a different sterilizer can be used immediate, or the time or temperature increased to achieve a proper readout.

8. In the OR, when the lid is removed and the sterilization process integrator is removed, a failure requires a different plastic container and a different sterilizer to troubleshoot the problem.

9. No direct contact or gloves are required to transport the Flash GuardTM unit. It comes complete with a universal handle to close the lid, close the exhaust port, and extract the unit onto a cart or back table.

9. The plastic container has to be extracted with "pot holders" or "mittens" and lifted out of the sterilizer and placed onto a cart or table.

10. Reliable! Virtually no maintenance! Flash GuardTM has no valves to deteriorate or replace and the stainless steel is easy to care for and does not degrade to a point of system failure.

10. Has a pressure release button or valve that is difficult to use. Sometimes the pressure is so great that it takes intense effort to get it to release. In addition, many users complain of extremely hot steam blowing into their face as a result of opening the lid. Usually, the user states that they "wait until the unit cools down before attempting to open."

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