Endo Brow Instrument Set

Millennium Surgical can help you reduce cost of endo brow instrument sets used in procedures to lift the supportive structures of the brow. The instruments below are only a sample of what we offer, and our trays and completely customizable! To receive a custom quote, contact one of our instrument experts today!

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Product No.

Product Description


14-5010 Inner-Forehead Punch, cvd left Qty: 1
14-5001 Inner-Forehead Sci, cvd left Qty: 1
14-5015 Inner-Forehead Insulate Forceps, cvd left Qty: 1
14-5002 Endo Brow Scissors, Curved Right, Hook Type, Insulated Qty: 1
14-5016 Endo Brow Grasping Forceps, Right Curved, 5 INS Qty: 1
14-5011 Inner-Forehead Punch Right Crvd 5" Qty: 1
14-5051 Inner-Forehead Elevator half cvd Qty: 1
14-5059 Inner-Forehead Elevator full cvd Qty: 1
14-5054 Inner-Forehead Nerve Hook Qty: 1
14-5058 Daniel Elevator Qty: 1
14-5052 Inner-Forehead Nerve Dissector Qty: 1
14-5053 Inner-Forehead Orbital Rim Elevator Qty: 1
14-5081 Endoforehead A/M Dissector, 10", Curved Qty: 1
14-5047 Hester Midface Dissector, 9.25" Cvd Qty: 1
14-5077 Inner-Facelift Temporal Line T Dissector Qty: 1
14-5082 Inner-Forehead Flap Dissector 9.75'' Qty: 1
14-5083 Endo Brow Elevator 8.75" Qty: 1
14-5084 Inner-Facelift Parietal Periosteal Dissector Qty: 1
72-385091 Ramirez EndoForehd A/M Scissors, Right,13cm Shft Qty: 1
99-AB5005 Reusable 10ft mono gray cable with straight socket Qty: 1
72-365111 Endoforehead Cannula Single Stop-cock Cobra - For 5mm Scope Qty: 1

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