Eye Enucleation Instrument Sets

Millennium Surgical can help you reduce cost of eye enucleation instrument trays for ophthalmic procedures. The instruments below are only a sample of what we offer, and our trays and completely customizable! To receive a custom quote, contact one of our instrument experts today!

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Product No.

Product Description


85-142 Kelly Descement Membrane Punch with Squeeze Handle Qty: 1
3-3740 Bunge Evisceration Spoon Large Qty: 1
3-3305M Castro Corneal Sec Scissors Mid Mini L - solid serrated handle Qty: 1
3-3304M Castro Corneal Sec Scissors Mid Mini R - solid serrated handle Qty: 1
9-45760 Enucleation Scissors 5" Straight Qty: 1
3-3651 Heavy Enucleation Scissors Med Cvd Qty: 1
3-3652 Heavy Enucleation Scissors Strg Cvd Qty: 1


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