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Concerned About Following Accreditation Agency and Medicare Survey Best Practices?

Major accreditation agencies and Medicare surveys have increased their scrutiny of surgical instrument reprocessing which include decontamination, sterilization, storage and transport. The intention is to further reduce surgical site infections. Surveyors are looking for a systematic, detailed approach with each staff member involved following documented practices.

In a recent survey conducted by Millennium, we learned that hospitals and surgery centers have a strong desire to follow best practices, yet have challenges in doing so.

Expert Tip 17

Building smart trays from the start helps avoid the need to flash sterilize instruments. By keeping the selection and quantity to a minimum, you can use the base tray as a test to determine what needs to be added and what can be removed. Maintain your instrument stock at a level that accommodates high case loads.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

  • Lack of adequate staff training
  • Increasingly complex instruments which are harder to clean
  • Not enough instruments sets for high volume procedures i.e. cataract and orthopedic surgery
  • A limited budget to support surgery needs

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How to Purchase Surgical Instruments

The following tips are best practices for surgical instrument procurement that Millennium has developed from more than 22 years of working with surgical staff and sourcing surgical instruments. Facilities large and small can utilize these steps to manage their instrument spending more effectively.

20 Tips for Smarter Instrument Procurement

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