High-Quality, Low-Cost Bipolar Forceps


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Bipolar Forceps

High Quality - Repairable - Top Performance - Made in the USA

Free reusable cable for all bipolar forceps orders over $250! 
A $38 value!

Prevent sticking of tissue and "hot spots" with non-stick bipolar forceps! Non-glare noble metal tips provide excellent thermal conductivity so cleaning of the forceps tips is no longer necessary, allowing the surgeon to complete coagulation procedure more quickly.

We offer an extensive line! Compare to Codman, Kirwan, Olsen, Stryker, and save!*

Offer good on quotes placed between 2/20/13 and 3/31/13

Product: 143-1 Product: 143-2 Product: 143-4
Product: 143-5 Product: 100-S02380 Product: 100-S03380
Product: 100-S03582NS Product: 100-S03429 Product: 100-S03380NS
Product: 100-S03421NS Product: 100-S02371 Product: 100-S03414NS
Product: 100-03699NS Product: 100-S03463SP Product: 100-S03420NS
Product: 100-S02681TUP Product: 100-S03416NS Product: 100-S03420


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