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Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Instruments, and Blepharoplasty

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Care Fusion*, Snowden Pencer*, Integra*, Miltex*, Padget*, Marina Medical*, Black and Black Surgical*, ASSI*, Storz*, and more!

Endobrow Instruments

Product: 14-5080

Inner-Facelift Periosteal Spreader
Compare to Snowden Pencer* 88-5080

Breast Augmentation and Reconstruction Instruments

Product: 104-5721583 Product: 104-57218236

Breast Dissector, Oval Spatulated Blade, 33cm
Compare to ASSI* AB4326

Freeman Areola Marker, Stainless, 36cm
Compare to Padget* P469 

Liposuction and Tumescent Infiltration Instruments 

Product: 39-MER332
Mercedes Lip Cannula, 3mm x 32cm
Compare to Byron/Mentor*

Facelift Instruments

Product: 14-325976
Kay Facelift Scissors, 7", Serrated Edges
Compare to Snowden Pencer* 32-5976

Fiber Optic Retractors

  Product: 104-5721088

Ferriera Retractor, 25mm x 18cm with Fiberoptic Light and Suction
Compare to ASSI* ABR25926

Insulated Forceps and Retractors

Product: 100-S01080
Monopolar Rees Forceps, 1.2mm Tip, 8" length
Compare to Marina Medical*

Blepharoplasty Instruments

Product: 1-PM4347 Product: 72-590102
Kawamoto Double Ended Retractor - Insulated
5mm / 10mm
Compare to Integra* PM4347 
Colorado MicroDissection Needle
3mm Straight
Compare to Stryker* N103 A

I truly enjoy working with the staff at Millennium and the speed they provide me with new requests and purchases. I know that since we moved to using Millennium... the medical facility has saved money on surgical instruments. I am a huge supporter of what Millennium can offer to any surgical facility and highly recommend its services to anyone."

-Michael Rosembaum, CST, SPD - Supervisor
Denver Health Center

*The above referenced company names are registered trademarks of the respective owners. Millennium Surgical Corp. / is not affiliated with the above companies. Millennium Surgical does not buy or distribute products from the above companies.

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