Strategy To Deal With Expensive Surgeon Preference Items

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Does This Sound familiar?

"The surgical instrument my surgeon wants is not offered by our GPO."

"No other surgical instrument vendor offers this instrument."

"The surgeon was very specific."

"We can't find these instruments anywhere else."

"The instrument broke and we need to reorder it."

Your department and staff do a great job of comparing and reducing costs except where specialty surgical instruments are required. You may struggle with this area due to surgeon preference, the risk of being stuck with an instrument the surgeon refuses to use because it is different, and the time it takes to compare - finding only minimal savings.

Millennium can help! We can reference any instrument that your surgeon wants. We provide quick and accurate quotes. We save you time and money. And you have nothing to worry about because of our guarantee.

Save Time... Save Money... Get Great Results... Guaranteed.

We can reference any catalog number from any surgical instrument company.

Do you purchase from any of these companies?

Katena*, Rhein*, B&L*, Storz*, Karl Storz*, Medtronic*, Gyrus*, Boss*, ASSI*, V. Mueller*, Snowden Pencer*, Richard Wolf*, Scanlon*, Codman

Do you find it hard to compare costs?

Millennium Surgical can help!

Surgical Instrument Procurement

Quickly compare costs before you buy!

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Millennium guarantees that you and your surgeons will be satisfied with the surgical instruments purchased from Millennium. Your surgeons should find the quality, instrument style, design and performance superior or equivalent to the instrument(s) used as reference.

The instruments you puchase can be evaluated in surgery. If you or your surgeons are not completely satisfied, please return them within 30 days of invoice date for a full credit.

"The friendly staff at Millenium Surgical is very knowledgeable and has always been very good at cross-referencing part numbers, even new products and disposables. Their 30-day, no-risk guarantee makes it a no brainer."

-- Miguel Sesin, Materials Manager
Coral Gables Surgery Center

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