New Retractor Sets are Comparble to Shadow-Line and TrimLine

by Healthcare Purchasing News

February, 2018 - Millennium Surgical’s new retractor sets serve as a cost-effective alternative to replacing parts or purchasing new sets. “Replacing existing Shadow-Line and TrimLine sets and individual parts is cost-prohibitive for many facilities,” said Millennium President Robert Edelstein. “We offer complete and scaled-down sets, along with blades and components that are compatible with both systems at hundreds of dollars less.”

Unlike traditional blades, Edelstein said Millennium blades are manufactured with aircraft-grade 60/61 aluminum, with alignment grooves in the blade posts to support proper locking of the retractor frames and handles and lessen the chance of accidental blade release. “Some traditional frames feature a locking button on the top of the retractor arm, which can easily be bumped by Kerrisons or other instruments. The Quick Release Handles feature a thumb release, eliminating torqueing when unscrewing a blade,” Edelstein explained, adding that traditional replacement parts and handles are still available for those who prefer them.

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