Oral and Dental Instruments from Millennium Surgical

Whereas dental procedures focus on the teeth and gum structures, Oral and Maxillofacial procedures encompass fields of treatment of disease and the restoration, alteration, replacement, or reconstruction of defects in the head and neck, and the jaw and mouth.

Common instruments used in oral surgery include:

  • Awls, calipers, curettes and elevators
  • Forceps and rongeurs, osteotomes and rasps
  • Retractors, scissors, and suction tubes

Common dental instruments include:

  • Mouth mirrors
  • Explorers which are used to detect breaks in tooth enamel
  • Probes to measure sulcus depth,
  • Pliers, hatchets, chisels and Wedelstaedts, curettes, excavators, burnishers, rasps, spatulas, carriers, hemostats, retractors, scissors, and rongeurs.

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