Orthopedic and Spine Rod Cutters

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  • The Tabletop Rod Cutter allows for the sturdy and accurate cutting of rods. By shearing, the result is a smooth and clean surface compared to the sharp, jagged, and burred surface left by pinch-style cutters. Features a locking, collapsible handle and rod diameter holes. 16" long. For use with 5.0mm and 6.35mm diameter rods.

  • The One-Handed Rod Bender is 7.5 inches long and ideal for 3mm and 4mm rods. The Universal Rod Bender bends rods up to 7mm to three different angles. The adjustable center cam is spring loaded and a separate reduction ring is not required.

  • The Adjustable Rod Gripper is 8.5 inches long and ideal for 5.5mm rods. Three versions of the 10 inch Straight Rod Holder are available for use with 5.5mm rods (with and without prism) and for 6.35mm rods.

  • The 7.25 inch Straight Rod Holder is available for use with three diameters of rods - 4.0mm, 4.76mm, and 6.35mm.

  • The 8.5 inch Curved Rod Holder is available for use with four diameters of rods - 4.0mm, 4.5mm, 5.0mm, and 5.5mm rods.

  • Download the PDF brochure of our Orthopedic and Spine Rod Cutters, Benders, and Grippers.

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