Podiatry Elevators and Retractors


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  • Podiatry Elevators Millennium Surgical Instruments
  • Elevators and retractors for foot and ankle, podiatric procedures.

  • McGlamry-style elevators that release the unabated medial pull of suspensory or collateral ligament.

  • Seeburger malleable retractors which reflect and hold tissue around the corner of an exposed bone region.

  • Cox-style retractors with serrations on the inner blades which help spread the metatarsals.

  • Small bone distractors which spread the bone and align for easy fixation.

Podiatry Elevators and Retractors Best Sellers

These are only a few of examples of our extensive line of podiatry elevators and retractors. Don't see what you're looking for? Browse our website, use the search function, or contact an Instrument Expert for more information!

Product: 42.8590
Compare to Miltex*: 40-2850
McGlarmy-Style Elevator
Product: 42.8600
Compare to Arthrex*: AR-8930M
McGlarmy-Style Elevator
Product: 42.8620
Compare to K. Medic*: KM 69-762
McGlarmy-Style Elevator

Product: 42.8640
Compare to Miltex*: 40-2853
McGlarmy-Style Elevator
Product: 42.8660
Compare to K. Medic*: KM 69-796
McGlarmy-Style Elevator
Product: 27-220101
Compare to SSI*: 22-0101

Product: 38.5490
Compare to K. Medic*: 69-990
Cox Metatarsal Spreader
w/Serrations on inside of the blade.
Product: 38.8797
Compare to Innomed*: 1680-01
Product: 101-4210SS
Compare to Innomed*: 4210SS

Product: 101-4210SB
Compare to Innomed*: 4210SB
Product: 1-25005 Product: 1-25007

Product: 1-25019   Product: 1-25021

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