American-Made Surgical Instruments


Millennium Surgical Corp. offers surgical instruments made in America. Our U.S. vendors employ more than 500 people producing instruments for general, ophthalmic, micro, and laparoscopic surgeries, sterilization cases, and more!

Most vendors work with raw materials entirely of US origin and manufacture 100% of their instruments right here in the U.S.A. They are competitively-priced, of the highest quality, and your purchase of these instruments supports American industry.

Look for the Made in the USA stamp on your next instrument delivery and thank you for supporting the U.S.A.

Samples of Our American-Made Surgical Instruments

American-Made Endoscopic Instruments

Instruments from this manufacturer include bipolar forceps for tubal ligation, retractor holding and positioning devices and extra-long rigid endoscopes for use in bariatric procedures, standard laparoscopes, and accessories.

72-975 72-9855FSWOT 72-5242002
72-249030 72-596023  

Ophthalmic Forceps, Needle Holders, Speculums and More

This manufacturer has three decades of experience making ophthalmic micro-suture forceps and utrata forceps with a staff of 10. Made of the best quality steel and the best possible finishing services, extending the life of the instrument. 100% of the raw materials are sourced in the U.S.A.

MS-101 MS-154 MS-102

American-Made General Surgical Instruments

This manufacturer has nearly 100 years of experience in surgical instrument manufacturing, producing general surgical hand-held and self-retaining retractors, ring retractor systems, and orthopedic retractors such as initial incision and hohman-type retractors. We work closely with this manufacturer to modify existing instruments and create custom instruments and retractors that are discontinued by other suppliers. They employ approximately 20 people and source 80% of their raw materials from the U.S.

63-52706S 63-CRMNL13 63-G5200A

American-Made Bipolar and Monopolar Forceps and Cables

Extensive line of bipolar forceps for use in ophthalmic, micro-surgical, hand, ENT, spine, and neurosurgical procedures. Specialty forceps, which include non-stick tips, are available for use in MIS spine procedures. Forceps with irrigation are available for use in neurosurgical procedures. This manufacturer even has a new line of sterile, single-use forceps.

100-S041008 100-S04701 100-S02640T
100-S01080 100-S03565NS 100-S03240FG

American-Made Ophthalmic Instruments

Top-quality manufacturer of eye surgical instruments including cannulas, irrigation and aspiration handpieces, micro hooks, nucleus manipulators, phaco choppers, spatulas, suture and tying forceps, Utrata forceps, specialty forceps, and micro surgical needle holders. This manufacturer has been in business for 30 years, employs 20 people and sources 75% or more of its raw materials from the U.S.

85-167 86-1235 92-104T
92-31102 92-36161 92-B0350
92-CM0125 92-CM0126 92-CM10012
92-F1395 92-51820  

American-Made Microsurgical Scissors and Specialty Forceps

FF3217L FF3217R  

American-Made Aspiration Systems and Cannulas for Use in Liposuction

Surgical aspirators for use in liposuction and infiltration pumps used in tumescent procedures. Large offering of standard lipo cannulas, micro infiltration cannulas, handpieces, and custom cannulas and needles.

39-MIN31610LL 39-MIN31608LL 39-MER338L

American-Made Diamond Blades

Diamond knives and diamond blades for use in ophthalmic procedures.


American-Made Surgical Headlight Systems

Xenon light sources, surgical headlights and cables for use in specialty surgical procedures including spine, neurosurgical, ENT, and plastics. This manufacturer has been in business for nearly 25 years, employs 40 people and sources most of its raw materials from the U.S. Ninety five to 100% of its products are manufactured entirely in the U.S.

American-Made Ocular Instruments

Surgical and diagnostic ophthalmic lenses for use in the surgical field or with a slit lamp. Lenses for use in general ophthalmic, cornea, and retina procedures.




Samples of Our American-Made Sterilization Tray Offerings

Open surgical instrument trays for general surgery, micro surgery, and specialty surgical instruments.

97-260812FM 97-201015 97-261020DBL
97-260812DBL 97-280303SP 97-251010
97-291015 97-240808 97-350814
97-350812 97-291010 97-201020

Sterilization Trays, Cases, Storage Systems

Extensive line of micro surgical instrument trays for use with Ophthalmic, Microsurgical, or Cardiovascular instruments. Trays to protect laparoscopic instruments and rigid endoscopes. General instrument trays for larger surgical instrument sets including general surgical and orthopedic.

95-2000100001 95-2000100002 95-2000100004
95-2000100006 95-2000100014 95-2000100022
95-2000100011 95-2000100007 95-2000100015
95-2000100018 95-2000100021 95-2000100079

*The above referenced company names are registered trademarks of the respective owners of the companies. Millennium Surgical Corp. / are not affiliated with the above companies. Millennium Surgical does not buy or distribute products from the above companies

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