Muscle Biopsy Needles and Cannulas

  • Muscle Biopsy Cannulas Millennium Surgical
  • Bergstrom Biopsy Cannula Millennium Surgical
  • Bergstrom style biopsy needles and U.C.H. skeletal biopsy needles which have a suction port differ in diameter (gauge) to accommodate various muscle biopsy techniques. The use of suction helps increase sample size.
  • A less invasive and more rapid alternative to open muscle biopsies, up to 300mg of tissue (depending on muscle bulk) can be obtained with three passes.
  • Outer cannula features a pencil point and side apperature.
  • Obturator ejects the sample from the punch.
  • Download Instructions for Use for Biopsy Needles here.
  • 72-248067 features:
    • Luer Lock Attachment to the inner cannula allows suction during the procedure.
    • Inner biopsy punch features a sharp cutting end, fitted with a side aspiration mount.
    • The needle features finger rings to provide better grip and aspiration to assist in drawing the sample into the outer cannula.

Muscle Biopsy Needles

Product 72-2300506 Product 72-248067 Product 72-250067M

Product 72-238064 Product 72-238065 Product 72-238066

Product 72-238067 Product 72-238068 Product 72-238069

Product 72-230053 Product 72-230054 Product 72-230055

Product 72-230056   Product 72-230057

Muscle Biopsy Needle Sealing Caps

Product 72-230003 Product 72-230004 Product 72-230005

Product 72-230045 Product 72-230066 Product 72-230006

  Product 72-230044  

Muscle Biopsy Needle Brochure

  • Muscle Biopsy Needles Bergstrom and UCH style Muscle Biopsy Needles. Fully autoclavable. Includes Outer cannula, inner cannula, blunt trocar, and sealing cap.

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