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2/28/2018 - New retractor sets compatible with Shadow-Line and Trimline systems are featured in Heathcare Purchasing News.

08/20/2017 - Millennium Surgical Corp. Named to Inc. 5000 List for 2017 - Millennium Surgical joins gaming company Skillz, Halo Top Creamery, and energy company Greenspire on the 2017 Inc. 500/5000 list of fastest growing companies. This marks the fourth year for Millennium's inclusion.

07/25/2017 - Arlington Capital Partners Announces Acquisitions of Thortex and Millennium Surgical by Avalign Technologies - Avalign Technologies, a portfolio company of Arlington Capital Partners, has completed the acquisitions of Thortex and Millennium Surgical.

05/19/2017 - Millennium Surgical joins the Avalign Technologies family of companies - Millennium Surgical joins Avalign’s already long-established business unit German Specialty Instruments (GSI) to form the Surgical Division of Avalign Technologies, Inc.

08/25/2016 - Millennium Surgical Corp has been named to Inc. magazine's list of fastest growing private companies for the third time in 2016, joining Loot Crate, Patagonia, and other notable businesses.

08/17/2016 - Millennium Surgical Corp and five other area businesses included in Inc. magazine's 2016 list of fastest growing companies.

06/01/16 - Trocar Incision Closure Device Featured in Outpatient Surgery Product Showcase - The Incision Closure Device is rapidly becoming the instrument of choice over the Carter Thompson™ for its solid, sturdier feel and significant cost savings, paying for itself in only eight uses.

04/13/15 - Trocar Incision Closure Device - Millennium Surgical offers a suture passer that closes trocar incision wounds and secures hernia mesh.

01/22/13 - Retractors for Spine Surgeries - Millennium Surgical has announced an extensive offering of US and German made retractors for use in spine surgery.

09/24/12 - MDET - A New Acronym to Learn - Hospitals, medical facilities, doctors and long term care facilities should be considering the Medical Device Excise Tax and how it may affect their 2013 budgets and GPOs.

08/23/12 - Millennium Surgical Corp. Named to Inc. 5000 List for Second Year - Inc. magazine today ranked Millennium Surgical Corp. on its sixth annual Inc. 500|5000 list.

05/22/12 - Millennium Surgical Corp. Develops Online Sterilization Resource Center - Millennium Surgical Corp. has developed an online sterilization resource to assist those who perform surgical instrument reprocessing for hospitals and ASCs.

05/16/12 - Millennium Surgical Corp. Announces Sales Figures, Growth - Sales activity increased in the third quarter of 2011 and continues to accelerate through 2012.

02/27/12 - Smart Instrument Purchasing: Saving time and money in a complicated market - We've seen how a reputable, knowledgeable product consultant can provide valuable industry insights to streamline the ordering process and fulfill even the most indistinguishable surgeon requests, helping purchasers navigate the complications of the marketplace.

02/27/12 - Five Tips for Saving Money on Instrument Purchases - Follow these five handy tips for saving money while purchasing surgical instruments and technology. Featured in the March 2012 Special Focus of Healthcare Purchasing News.

11/15/11 - Millennium Surgical Corp. Provides Instruments to Latter Day Saints Charities for Humanitarian Projects - As any purchasing manager knows, time is money. Time spent researching purchases, comparing prices and shipping options is time lost. When purchasing surgical instruments, more than time is often at stake...

10/27/11 - American-Made Surgical Instruments Meet the High Demands of Surgical Facilities - Surgical facilities are facing unprecedented challenges due to current economic conditions. A decrease in case volume, combined with shrinking budgets and lowered staffing levels, has forced facilities to prioritize their needs and find the best value when purchasing surgical instruments. A focus on quality, durability and surgeon preference are equally as important as price...

10/25/11 - Focus on Hybrid OR Design - Amanda Hankel, Editor of Surgical Products Magazine, outlines best practices for creating a Hybrid OR from the learning and planning phase through preparing surgeons and staff.

10/10/11 - Surgical Instrument Sourcing Process - Valuable Tools - As surgical facilities continue to struggle with decreasing budgets, stricter compliance to more standards and low staffing levels, surgical staff are constantly shifting priorities, costing facilities both time and money.

10/05/11 - New AAMI Publication Helps Facilities Prepare SPDs for Accreditation Surveys - A new publication from the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) , "Sterile Processing in Healthcare Facilities: Preparing for Accreditation Surveys," will be available in mid-October.

09/07/11 - Millennium Surgical Corp. Named to Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Private Companies - Inc. magazine included Millennium Surgical Corp. in its fourth annual Inc. 5000, an exclusive ranking of the nation's fastest-growing private companies.

08/08/11 - Millennium Surgical Provides Services and Support to CURE International's Zambian Surgical Program - A recent project for a spine and neurosurgical program in Zambia included more than 10 very specialized instrument sets. The facility's surgeons supplied CURE with a detailed list of surgical instruments including references to more than 30 vendors. Due to successful past orders with Millennium Surgical, Mrs. Larsen confidently passed along the requirements...

08/04/11 - Immediate Use Sterilization: A Review of the Basics - In 2009, the Joint Commission urged surgical instutitions not to opt for flash sterilization as a matter of convenience over terminal sterilization. Since, various organizations and institutions (such as AAMI and AAAASF) have offered recommendations, including the introduction of the term "Immediate Use Sterilization."

06/28/11 - Addressing OR Challenges Through Smart Instrument Purchasing - Hospital operating rooms (ORs) and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) must confront more than their fair share of challenges in the current healthcare environment. Many facilities are working with limited capital and non-capital budgets...

06/22/11 - Addressing OR Challenges Through Smart Surgical Instrument Purchasing - Hospital operating rooms (ORs) and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) must confront more than their fair share of challenges in the current healthcare environment. Many facilities are working with limited capital and non-capital budgets...

06/08/11 - Smart Surgical Instrument Purchasing Saves OR Personnel Time, Money - Hospital ORs and ASCs (ambulatory surgery centers) face staffing cuts, reduced hours and shrinking budgets. One solution is to delegate non-care related tasks such as instrument purchasing to an educated partner.

06/06/11 - The Complex and Indispensable Requirements for Instrument Reprocessing - One of the most common questions related to the sterile processing department (SPD) is this little gem, asked by surgeons, nurses and scrub techs...

03/23/11 - Millennium Surgical Adds "" Name - Millennium Surgical, recently named one of Philadelphia's 100 Fastest Growing Privately-owned Companies, is expanding its brand in the healthcare marketplace with the acquisition of the domain name

01/25/11 - Robert Edelstein Receives 2010 Outstanding Leadership Recognition Award - Robert Edelstein has been selected for the 2010 Outstanding Leadership Recognition Award by the U.S. Leaders and Entrepreneurs' Association (U.S.LEA).

09/07/10 - Millennium Surgical Corp. Ranked in Top 100 of Philadelphia's Fastest-Growing Businesses - Millennium Surgical Corp. Narberth PA, a surgical instrument company has been ranked as one of the of the 2010 fastest-growing, privately-held businesses in the Philadelphia region...

07/23/10 - Making the Most of the Surgical Instrument Purchasing Process - How can healthcare facilities obtain enough instrument sets, buy instruments that will last, maintain the quality of the surgical instruments they purchase, satisfy surgeons, and lower costs?

06/01/10 - Make the Most of Your Surgical Instrument Purchasing Process - How can healthcare facilities obtain enough instrument sets, buy instruments that will last, maintain the quality of the surgical instruments they purchase, satisfy surgeons, and lower costs?

04/26/10 - Re-Examine SPD Best Practices With Foresight, Not Hindsight - A survey conducted by Millennium Surgical Corp. asking SPD and OR staff about their greatest challenges to instrument sterilization uncovered a variety of obstacles... 

04/20/10 - Vendor Offers Free Instrument Reprocessing Poster - Surgical quality, safety and infection prevention begins in the Central Sterile Supply Department and is dependent upon ongoing education and consistent adherence to instrument processing standards and manufacturer recommendations.

04/09/10 - Greatest Challenges to Surgical Instrument Sterilization - A recent survey conducted by Millennium Surgical Corp. revealed that, "A variety of staff members with different levels of sterilization training and experience" is the overwhelming obstacle to proper instrument reprocessing.

04/09/10 - Infection Prevention: Compliance to Increasingly Robust Standards - The trend over the last five years has been a continued, dedicated effort to establishing standards and steps for improving patient safety. Major accreditation agencies have become increasingly active in establishing guidelines...

03/19/10 - Instrument Reprocessing Guidelines Poster - Millennium Surgical Corp. announces the launch of its instrument reprocessing guidelines poster campaign.

03/03/10 - Cost Cutting Requires Surgical Precision - Robert Edelstein, president of Millennium Surgical Corp., contributes to a round table discussion regarding the challenges of surgical instrument procurement.

02/08/10 - Exclusive: Infection Prevention - Robert Edelstein, president, Millennium Surgical Corp., discusses how to achieve compliance to increasingly robust standards for improved patient safety, risk reduction and staff safety.

01/15/10 - Interdepartmental Links Priceless For Sterilization Success - When it comes to driving good sterilization practices and outcomes, most sterile processing professionals could agree that successful interdepartmental communication is absolutely priceless.

12/01/09 - Advanced Automation, Flexibility Factor Into Washer And Sterilizer Wish Lists - Millennium Surgical Corp., Narbeth, PA, is investigating the development of sterilization technology that it predicts could be the solution to the high cost of sterilization equipment, high operating and maintenance costs, and more...

10/30/09 - How To Meet New JCAHO Survey Criteria For Flash Sterilization - In response to recent updates to the Joint Commission’s policy regarding use of flash sterilization, Millennium Surgical Corp., a surgical instrument supplier, has been fielding hundreds of inquiries from hospitals and surgical centers as to what is needed and how to comply.

10/27/09 - 7 Tips for Getting The Best Quality And Savings For Surgical Instrumentation - Robert Edelstein, president of Millennium Surgical Corp., discusses seven tips ASCs should consider when making surgical instrumentation purchases.

09/01/09 - Meeting New Standards - JCAHO recently announced new standards as well as three core areas in which it will evaluate flash sterilization: cleaning & decontamination, sterilization and storage or returning of instruments to the sterile field.

07/01/09 - Evaluating New Surgical Technologies - SurgiStrategies asked different members of the industry for some pointers on evaluating new equipment, the economy's effects and more. The following is a roundtable discussion...

04/01/08 - Quick Guide To Flash Sterilization Considerations - The many issues related to flash sterilization run from overuse to misuse to the reportedly increased risk for postoperative infection...

03/03/07 - Tips For Intelligent Cost Management - 10 tips for managing the cost of surgical instrument purchases.

03/01/07 - Experts Sleuth Out Surgeon Demands For Specialty Instruments - Millennium Surgical takes on the challenge of sourcing some of the hardest-to-find instruments.

02/21/07 - Millennium Surgical Announces Strategic Partnership with HELP International -  Robert Edelstein, President of Millenniums Surgical Corp., announces a strategic partnership with HELP International of Plano, Texas.

11/07/06 - Patient Warming - Unplanned hypothermia (a core temperature of less than 36 degrees C) can negatively impact patients in many ways...

11/07/06 - The Evolution of the SPD - Charles A. Hughes explains that in the earlier days, a potato was commonly used to check the efficacy of the sterilization process.

10/04/06 - ASCRS Releases Final TASS Outbreak Report - The American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) released a final report regarding the toxic anterior segment syndrome (TASS) outbreak...

10/04/06 - Surgical Hospital Leverages Expertise in Millennium Surgical to Economize - Sveen had questions as to whether the variety of instruments the facility had been sourcing up to that time were costing the hospital unnecessarily. His priority was to devote resources toward quality personnel and care, not surgical suppliers...

09/08/06 - The Instrument Guru - Millennium Surgical, a one-stop specialty surgical instrument resource, introduces a new complimentary consultative service: The Instrument Guru™.

03/01/06 - Perspectives In Lens And IOLSurgery - New Tricks For Flomax Patients - Intraoperative Floppy Iris Syndrome (IFIS) has presented new challenges to cataract surgeons.

03/01/05 - Improving Your ASC’s Operational Bottom Line - In order to compete and thrive in today’s market, ASCs must assess their own unique operational and administrative circumstances, resolve inefficiencies and capitalize on growth opportunities.

05/01/04 - Making the Most of Your Cataract Surgical Tray - When you're performing cataract surgery, efficiency counts -- and your instrument tray is an important part of that.

05/01/01 - Sterilization in a Flash - Many OR users consider flash sterilization to be some kind of magic process that solves a multitude of inventory problems. In fact, use of flash sterilization requires discipline that few of its users follow.

11/01/00 - Should You Buy Supplies Online? - This case study features one ASC whose procurement process takes about 10 minutes per week.

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