Millennium Surgical President Robert Edelstein speaks with the hosts of the Beyond Clean Podcast about custom instruments, reprocessing and sterilization, and initiatives that facilities can take to quickly locate and compare most specialty surgical instruments.

Are you Relying on IUSS / Flash?
If your facility is relying too heavily on Immediate Use Sterilization / Flash to process instrument sets, you could be open to increased JCAHO scrutiny. We can help you build instrument sets of only what you need to help reduce the risk of infection at your facility.

Find Discontinued and Hard-to-Find Instruments
You could spend hours searching for rare and discontinued instruments or you can call or email Millennium Surgical.

Locate and Compare Sterilization Trays
Finding sterilization trays that suit your needs doesn't have to be a challenge. Millennium Surgical offers plastic and metal trays, instrument racks, stringers, and more.

Are You Adding or Expanding Total Joint Procedures?
With more hip and knee procedures being performed in ASC settings, now is the time to add total joint instrument sets to your inventory.

Is Your Facility Adding Instrument Sets?
Reduce the risk of infection and avoid increaed JCAHO scrutiny by adding instrument sets and sterilization trays to reduce the need for IUSS / Flash sterilization.

Are your sterilized instruments still wet?
These aluminum sterilization trays dry faster than plastic and transfer more heat during the sterilization process.

Is your facility compliant in its IUSS usage?
If your facility is performing IUSS frequently or routinely, you may be out of compliance with these clinical standards.

Save Money on Hip and Knee Instruments
The Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement Payment Model propsal could hold hospitals accountable for hip and knee procedures in Medicare's fee-for-service plan. If your facility is affected, you could lose money or face delayed Medicare payments.

IA Handpieces and Tips That Can Help Reduce The Risk of TASS
Replace Alcon* I/A (irrigation/aspiration) handpieces with I/A handles which can be completely cleaned and inspected, helping to avoid possible contamination.

Arthroscopy Hand Surgical Instruments Newsletter
Compare and reduce cost when shopping for arthroscopy hand instruments and arthroscopes from popular manufacturers.

Cardiovascular and Cardiothoracic Surgical Instruments Newsletter
Compare and reduce cost when shopping for cardio surgical instruments from popular manufacturers.

Surgical Cables
High quality, low cost monopolar and bipolar surgical cables.

Plastic Surgery Instruments
Instruments for Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, and Blepharoplasty from Millennium Surgical.

Urology Surgical Instruments
Millennium Surgical Corp offers an extensive line on urological surgical instruments at competitive prices.

Gynecology and Laparoscopic Gynecology Surgical Instruments
Source gyn and lap gyn surgical instruments quickly and easily.

Orthopedic Surgical Instruments
Locate and compare orthopedic surgical instruments with our 100% surgeon satisfaction guarantee.

Eye and ENT Surgical Instruments
Save money and time locating and comparing eye and ENT surgical instruments.

Save Thousands and Reduce Waste in 2015
Stop wasting money on single-use trocar incision closure systems.

More Powerful Than The Christmas Elf, The Instrument Guru
Smart instrument buyers know that the Instrument Guru gives the gift of time and money saved - all year long.

Sterilization Trays and Accessories
Stay ahead of the sterilization curve with a variety of sterilization trays, instrument stringers, orthopedic racks, and more.

Reduce the Risk of Infection During Eye Surgery
Replace Alcon* I/A Handpieces with titanium handles and tips that can be completely cleaned and inspected.

Does Your Facility Use The Cooper Surgical Carter Thompson* Device?
Save thousands when you switch from single-use incision would closure devices.

Are You Using IUSS (Flash)?
Learn about the August 2014 update to S&C Memorandum 09-55.

Spending too much time locating and comparing the cost of surgical instruments?
Let us take the hassle out of surgical instrument procurement.

Replace Expensive Single Use Trocar Incision Closure Devices
A facility with two laparoscopic cases a day can save more than $65,000 a year by switching to reusable trocar incision closure devices.

Metal Sterilization Trays for EtO Processes
Metal sterilization trays that are ideal for Ethylene Oxide sterilization methods.

New Plastic Sterilization Trays
Protect your delicate instruments with this new, improved design that facilitates faster drying.

Ordering Bipolar Forceps Made Easy
Save money on Bipolar Forceps by comparing prices before you buy.

Knowledge Is Power
Knowledge is the power you need every day to make easy work of your increasingly difficult job.

Fast Answers to Tough Questions
The Instrument Guru tackles tough questions about St. Marks Retractors and new IA Handpieces and Tips to help prevent the spread of TASS.

We Have Answers
The Instrument Guru answers questions about the Thompson Carter Trocar Incision Closure device and lighted retractors.

The Help You Need, When You Need It
We know specialty surgical instruments, so you don't have to. See some of the Instrument Guru's most recent questions and answers.

Wow! What A Great Year!
2013 was a milestone year for Millennium Surgical Corp.

Are You Busier Than Ever?
Smart solutions for even the most challenging obstacles.

Resources for Surgical Instruments, Reprocessing, and IFUs
In addition to cost-saving, outstanding qualitly surgical instruments, we strive to provide you with as much information as we can about instruments and their role in patient safety.

High-Quality, Low-Cost Bipolar Forceps
Special offer on repairable bipolar forceps, made in the USA, with non-stick tips.

Extend the Life of Your Delicate Instruments and Specialty Scopes
Enjoy this special offer on Micro Plastic and Scope Trays

Save Money and Time in 2013 on Surgical Instrument Purchases
Don't break the bank while meeting surgeon preference. Contact your Instrument Specialist for a quote before you buy!

Happy Holidays from Millennium Surgical Corp.
Holiday greetings from Millennium Surgical!

Compare before You Buy
Bipolar forceps referenced against any catalog number from any company.

The Cure for The Common (and uncommon) Instrument Challenge
Helping you source even the hardest-to-find instruments at hard-to-find prices, even against a GPO.

Happy CSSD Week! - 2012
Celebrating Central Sterile Supply week with tips and resources for sterilization and instrument reprocessing.

Are Your Patients at Risk from Rusty Instruments?
Learn about titanium eye instruments and save big when you purchase before 12/31/2012.

Surgeon Satisfaction At Reduced Costs
It doesn't have to be so hard to satisfy your surgeon's surgical instrument preferences. Click to learn more.

Free Download - Instrument Reprocessing Poster, Specialty Instruments and More
Access our Instrument Reprocessing Poster, specialty instrument web pages.

Sterilization Trays Approved for Use with EtO Processes
American manufacturers produce some of the highest-quality surgical instruments in the world. Learn more in this newsletter.

American-Made Surgical Instruments Meet The High Demands of Surgical Facilities
American manufacturers produce some of the highest-quality surgical instruments in the world. Learn more in this newsletter.

Are Your Surgeons Asking for Femtosecond Laser Instruments?
Introducing our new line of titanium and steel Femtosecond Laser instruments for ophthalmology.

Ensure Patient Safety by Adding Sterilization Trays
With recent media attention focused on instrument sterilization, this newsletter provides information on reprocessing, tips, instructions for use,
and tips for adding trays to your stock.

Before You Buy Bipolar Forceps...
Our American-made bipolar forceps are insulated with non-stick tips and can be customized upon request.

Critical Steps from Major Accreditation Agencies for Sterilization Practices
Take a proactive stance against infection with these instrument reprocessing tips.

Locate Hard-to-Find Instruments - Ask The Instrument Guru
The Instrument Guru is standing by to help you source even the hardest-to-find instruments.

Reduce The Risk of TASS with New IA Handpieces
This new line of titanium I/A Handpieces is compatible with all phaco machines.

Protect Your Facility's Delicate Instruments and Diamond Knives
These plastic, autoclavable sterilization trays come in many sizes.

Quickly Locate and Compare Bipolar Forceps
Bipolar forcels for ophthalmic, nasal, spine, hand, and cranial surgeries.

The Best Resource on The Web for Sterilization Trays and Containers
Introducing our new, online sterilization resource center.

Safe and Effective Closed Flash, Rapid Steam Sterilization and Transport of Sterilized Instruments
This newsletter highlights Immediate Use Sterilization (Flash) products and resources.

Resource To Locate and Fulfill Required Orthopedic and Spine Instruments
Have tough requirements for ortho and spine instruments to fulfill?

Easier, Better, Faster Specialty Surgical Instrument Comparisons and Purchasing
Many companies sell surgical instruments but how many truly provide solutions?

Strategy To Deal With Expensive Surgeon Preference Items
Have a hard to find instrument from a vendor who is not on your GPO?

Does Your GPO Help Drive Down Cost of Specialty Surgical Instruments?

Many specialty instruments are not included in GPO contract pricing. Learn more about GPOs and comparing instrument costs.

Surgeon Preference ie. "Picky Surgeons" Driving Up Your Cost?
Spending too much on specialty instruments to suit surgeon preference? Learn about our risk-free guarantee.

Accreditation Agencies And Medicare Surveys Have Increased Their Scrutiny Of Surgical Instrument Decontamination Sterilization, Storage And Transport
Does your institution have a systematic, detailed approach to instrument reprocessing?

Surgical Instruments Experts Can Help You Locate Hard-to-Find Instruments - Ask the Instrument Guru
Meet the Instrument Guru and discover some of the tough questions he's answered!

Medicare's Revised Conditions for Coverage - ASC Coverage Guidelines
Are you reprocessing single use devices?

Millennium Surgical Corp. - Delivering Unsurpassed Surgical Instrument Expertise
Does your surgical instrument vendor save you time? Can they reference any catalog number from any company?

Eye Surgery Reimbursements & Increased Costs Threatening Your Center's Profits?
Increase profits on eye surgery cases by sourcing the same eye surgery products for less.

Accreditation and Medicare Surveys