Robert Edelstein Receives 2010 Outstanding Leadership Recognition Award


WASHINGTON D.C., March 23, 2011 -- Robert Edelstein has been selected for the 2010 Outstanding Leadership Recognition Award by the U.S. Leaders and Entrepreneurs' Association (U.S.LEA).

The USLEA Award Program recognizes highly regarded individuals and companies throughout the country that we believe have demonstrated leadership and admirable drive in 2010. Each year, the USLEA identifies companies and individuals that have confirmed autonomy and leadership skills such as courage, determination, a will to succeed, and have earned respect through aptitude, competence, and fair and honest dealings with coworkers, customers and business relationships. Recipients of these awards lead by example, and enhance the positive image of entrepreneurs, self‐reliant individuals, and small businesses which will once again prove to be the moving engine that will allow recovery from these tough economic times.

The USLEA locates outstanding leaders in various fields, with help from third‐parties and through its own extensive research, and recognizes them with these distinctive awards. The USLEA understands what leaders and entrepreneurs signify for the country, and it is their determination and drive that we are most in need of.

About U.S. Leaders and Entrepreneurs' Association (U.S.LEA)

U.S. Leaders and Entrepreneurs' Association (U.S.LEA) is a New York, N.Y. based organization funded by individuals across America who wish to share a voice for small businesses and thriving individuals that are taking risks and making individual efforts to find success through hard work and honest dealings. The purpose of USLEA is to promote small business, to provide tools, share a voice for legislation towards small business in the country, and encourage thriving individuals who deserve recognition to continue their efforts to be successful.

Our mission is to support leaders and entrepreneurs across America.