Fiber Optic Surgical Cables

Fiber Optic Surgical Cable

    • Fiber optic cables for medical use available in a variety of colors and with 40 or 90 degree ends. Indispensable and used in surgical procedures for illuminating headlights, arthroscopes, endoscopes, laparoscopes, cystoscopes. Also referred to as Light Cables.

    • • High trasmission light cables for medical use with the whitest intensity fiber.

    • • Sheath design features a leak-proof, molded end with stainless steel end fittings.

    • • Will withstand liquid or flash sterilization.

    • • Many fiberoptic cable tip styles, including snap on, clip on, rotating, male and female. Bifurcated headlight tips for lightsources and headlights.

    • • Available in standard bundle size of 3.5mm or 5.0mm and in standard lengths of 7.5 feet or 9.5 feet.

    • • Millennium Surgical instrument specialists are available to help you configure and order the cables you require.

    • View our Fiber Optic Retractors here

    • • Compare to Cuda*, Sunoptics*, Products for Medicine*, Pilling*, Karl Storz*, Aesculap*, V. Mueller*, Snowden Pencer*, Stryker*, Mobile Instruments*, Richard Wolf*, Jarit*, SSI*, ACMI*, Olympus*, Pilling*.

Fiber Optic Surgical Cables

Product MFOC-10R Product: MFOC-75R

Fiber Optic Surgical Cable Tip Styles

end storz  wolf  olympus   end acmi
 Storz* Wolf* Olympus* ACMI*
pilling stryker acmi-f storz-f
Pilling* Stryker* ACMI* Snap-On Storz* Female
lightsource headlight-bump headlight-flat
Lightsource Lens Headlight Headlight

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