Anterior Cervical Fusion Retractor

  • ACF-Cervical-Retractor Millennium Surgical
  • Anterior Cervical Retractor Millennium Surgical
  • The Anterior Cervical Discectomy fusion retractor system is commonly used in cervical spine and cervical distraction procedures. These procedures are performed to relieve neck, arm,a nd hand pain due to herniated discs and/or bone spurs that impact the nerves and cause compression of the spinal cord.
  • Blades attach to retractor frames with a simple mechanism and move freely for exact placement. Blades are released from the retractor body with the press of a button on the retractor arm.

  • Longitudinal and Transverse ratcheting retractor bodies for excellent exposure and a low profile.

  • Large assortment of aluminum blades in smooth, micro teeth, and large teeth styles and a variety of sizes. Blades are color-coded for easy identification and are radio opaque, allowing for excellent interoperative imaging.

  • Available as a set, with or without accessories. Choose only the blades and parts you require. Complete set includes distraction instruments and modular case.

  • Comparable to V. Mueller Neuro Spine Shadow-Line Retractor System®*, Buxton*, Codman*, Stealth*, Link*, TeDan*, V. Mueller*, Care Fusion*, NSI*, Life Instruments*, Medtronic*, Trimline*, Sofamor Danek*, Boss*, Spine Surgical Innovation*, Jarit*, Integra*, Redmond*, Ruggles*, Mizuho*, Koros*, Aesculap*.

Anterior Cervical Fusion Retractor

These are only a few of examples of our extensive line of surgical instruments for anterior cervical fusion. Don't see what you're looking for? Browse our website, use the search function, or contact an Instrument Expert for more information!

Product: SS1100

Compare to V. Mueller*: T-0100

Product: SS1101

Compare to Boss*: 73-6102

Product: 9-T0095

Compare to Medtronic*: 875-149

Product: SS1010
Compare to V. Mueller*: S-0110
Product: 74.4148
Compare to Boss*: 78-1860
Product: 40.1012

Compare to Life*: 743-1000-1

Product: 40.1022

Compare to Aesculap*: FF903R

Product: 6-6396

Compare to Ruggles*: R-6396

Product: 40.1010

Compare to V. Mueller*: S-0087

Product: 40.1020

Compare to Tedan*: CS-0117

Product: 40.1026

Compare to Ruggles*: R-6388

Product: 40.1016

Compare to Neuro Spine*: S-0080

Product: 40.1040

Compare to Aesculap*: FF908

Product: 40.1026

Compare to Ruggles*: R-6388

Product: 60.7503

Compare to V. Mueller*: S-0081

Product: 60.7505

Compare to Aesculap*: FF914

Product: 60.7508

Compare to Life*: 763-9508-0

Product: 40.1030

Compare to Ruggles*: R-6399

Product: 74.4148

Compare to Aesculap*: AA845

Product: SS3520

Compare to V. Mueller*: S-0155

Product: SS1014
Compare to Tedan*: CS-0034

Product: SS1015 Product: SS1016 Product: SS1017

Product: SS1018 Product: SS1019 Product: SS1040

Product: SS1041 Product: SS1042 Product: SS1043

Product: SS1044 Product: SS1045 Product: SS1046

Product: SS1047 Product: SS1048 Product: SS1049

Product: SS1050 Product: SS1051 Product: SS1020

Product: SS1021 Product: SS1022 Product: SS1023

Product: SS1024 Product: SS1025 Product: SS1026

Product: SS1027 Product: SS1029 Product: SS1030

Product: SS1031 Product: SS1032 Product: SS1033

Product: SS1034 Product: SS1035 Product: SS1036

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