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  • We are a leading supplier of neurosurgical Bipolar Forceps with nearly 500 patterns to suit surgeon preference.
  • Non-stick Electrosurgical Forceps are manufactured with non-glare finish noble metal tips, characterized by their thermal conductivity which prevents the sticking of tissue.
  • Ordinary stainless steel tips have "hot spots" which result in the sticking of tissue.
  • Noble metal tips provide excellent thermal properties, reducing the need to clean the forceps tips during coagulation.
  • We also offer electrosurgical generators and other bipolar and monopolar instruments.
  • Popular patterns include:
    • Bayonet, Adson, Cushing, Gerald, Hardy, Jewelers, K-Yasargil, Malis, Microtine, Potts, R-Type, Scoville-Green, Semkin, Keyfin, and Ultaralite
  • Available features include:
    • Titanium, handswitching, upward or downward angled tips, one or two stops, irrigation, hidden irrigation, stop pins, fin guides, eco-friendly versions
  • Bipolar Forceps Neurosurgical Adson Forceps
  • Malis Bayonet Neurosurgical Bipolar Forceps
  • Bipolar-Forceps-Tip-Sizing-Millennium-Surgical
  • Cushing Bayonet Neurosurgical Bipolar Forceps

Millennium Surgical can help you compare and reduce cost if you currently use any of the following vendors for neurosurgical forceps:

Kirwan* ❘ Stryker* ❘ Storz* ❘ Codman* ❘ Aesculap* ❘ V. Mueller* ❘ Valley Lab* ❘ Mentor* ❘ ASSI* ❘ SSI* ❘ Olsen* ❘ MSI Precision* ❘ Katena* ❘ Ambler* ❘ Titan Surgical* ❘ Scanlon* ❘ Jarit* ❘ Integra* ❘ Ruggles* ❘ Redmond* ❘ Elmed* ❘ Silverglide* ❘ Medtronic*

Bipolar and Monopolar Forceps Best Sellers

These are only a few of examples of our extensive line of high-quality forceps. Don't see what you're looking for? Browse our website, use the search function, or contact an Instrument Expert for more information!

Product: 100-S02640T
Compare to: Codman*
Product: 100-S03420
Compare to: Valleylab*
Product: 100-S03448
Compare to: V. Mueller*

Product: 143-1
Compare to: V. Mueller*
Product: 143-2
Compare to: Storz*
S2050 1D
Product: 143-4
Compare to: Katena*

Product: 143-5
Compare to: Ambler*
Product: 99-M2401
Compare to: V. Mueller*
Product: 100-S03380
Compare to: Storz*
S2050 11D


  • Bipolar Bayonet Forceps - Full Line Yasargil, Cushing, Hardy, Scoville, Gerald, K-Yasargil, MIS K-Yasargil, Malis, Key and Keyfin, Semkin, and more. In handswitch, non-stick, titanium, and more.
  • Bipolar Bayonet Forceps Non Stick Compare to Stryker*, Silverglide*, Codman's* Mallis, and Integra's* Buz Lite.
  • Bipolar Forceps Best Sellers Our best selling bipolar forceps including patterns such as Adson, Jewlers, and Yasargil, and bayonet styles.

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