Bipolar Malis® Forceps

  • Bipolar Malis® Forceps are commonly preferred for use in neurosurgical procedures because they use a controlled, low-power system to achieve maximum coagulation at the tips while preventing variations in voltage that can damage surrounding tissues.

  • Irrigating Malis® Forceps are often preferred by neurosurgeons, as sterile saline can be controlled by the surgeon, cooling the areas around the surgical site and minimizing the impact of heat.

  • Our Malis® type bipolar forceps are American-made and are available in stainless steel and titanium.

  • A wide range of forceps patterns and sizes are available with features such as irrigating and non-irrigating, insulated (to protect tissues during deep procedures) and non-insulated to accommodate a variety of surgical procedures. Bayonet style forceps increase visibility by moving the surgeon's hand from the field of sight.

  • Tip varieties provide for comprehensive suite of bipolar coagulation and cutting technologies. Sharp tips are most commonly used in dissection and for precision coagulation. Blunt tips are preferred for the manipulation of tissues, such as tumors, and for strongeur coagulation, as in the case of aneurysm.

  • Compare to Aesculap*, Codman*, Stryker*, Symmetry*, V. Mueller*, Kirwan*, Stingray.*

  • Click HERE to view our offering of Bipolar and Monopolar Cables.

  • Click HERE to view our offering of Bipolar Forceps.

  • Malis Bipolar Forceps Millennium Surgical Instruments
  • Malis Forceps Millennium Surgical
  • Malis Bipolar Forceps Millennium Surgical
  • Insulated

  • Non-Insulated

  • Insulated with Non-Stick Tips

  • Isulated with Irrigation

  • Insulated with Irrigation and Non-Stick Tips

  • Many Working Lengths and Tip Widths

  • Titanium and Stainless Steel

Bipolar Malis Forceps Best Sellers

Product: 100-S02640T
Compare to Codman*: 80-2945
Product 100-S03636R
Compare to Codman*: 80-2913
Product: 100-S03641TR
Compare to Codman*: 80-2995

Product: 100-S03699NS Product: 100-S03680TR
Compare to Codman*: 80-2985
Product: 100-S03681TR
Compare to Codman*: 80-2986

Product: 100-S03681TRSU45
Compare to Codman*: 80-2989
Product: 100-S03683T
Compare to Codman*: 80-2993
Product: 100-S03683TR
Compare to Codman*: 80-2987

Product: 100-S03685T
Compare to Codman*: 80-2994
Product: 100-S03685TR
Compare to Codman*: 80-2988
Product: 100-S03696TR
Compare to Codman*: 80-2997

Product: 100-S03698TR
Compare to Codman*: 80-2998
Product: 100-S03699TR
Compare to Codman*: 80-2999
Product: 100-S03441R
Compare to Codman*: 80-2903

Product: 100-S03443R
Compare to Codman*: 80-2901
  Product: 100-S03682TRS


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