Deep Gelpi Lumbar Retractors

  • Gelpi Hook Retractor Millennium Surgical
  • Gelpi Rake Retractor Millennium Surgical
  • Gelpi Retractor Blade Millennium Surgical
  • Gelpi Retractor with Rake Blade Millennium Surgical
  • Deep Gelpi Retractors are used for holding back organs and tissues while accessing areas below an incision during lumbar spine procedures. 

  • The long shanks of the Deep Gelpi Retractor increase access in deep incisions.

  • A locking mechanism allows the retractor to remain in place.

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Deep Gelpi Lumbar Retractors

These are only a few of examples of our extensive line of Deep Gelpi Lumbar Retractors. Don't see what you're looking for? Browse our website, use the search function, or contact an Instrument Expert for more information!

Compare to Life Instruments* 741-1230-2
Product: 40.8608
Compare to Life Instruments* 741-1240-2
Product: 40.8610
Compare to Life Instruments* 741-1250-2
Product: 40.8612

Compare to Life Instruments* 741-1230-3
Product: 40.8628
Ratchet Mechanism
Compare to Innomed* 4270
Product: 40.8670
4 sharp prongs, speedlock.
Product: 40.8632

4 sharp prongs, speedlock.
Compare to Boss* 73-1100
Product: 40.8638
4 sharp prongs, speedlock.
Product: 40.8640
4 sharp prongs, speedlock.
Product: 40.8642

Compare to Life Instruments* 741-1244-3
Product: 40.8648
Compare to Boss* 18-3102
Product: 1-55370
Compare to Life Instruments* 741-1240-0
Product: 1-74112400

Compare to Depuy* 601-027-15
Product: 85-3315
Product: 1-3316C Compare to Depuy* 601-027-25
Product: 85-3316

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