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Orthopedic forceps are multi-purpose surgical instruments used in orthopedic procedures. Popular styles include bone holding and reduction, tendon pulling and braiding, wire twisters, dressing forceps, fibula, glenoid, pelvic reduction, malleolar, nail pullers, and screw holding. Common patterns include Farabeuf Lambott, Cushing, Debakey, Kern, Bishop, Kolbel, Lambert-Lowman, Lane, Liston, Ruskin, stagbeetle, and Verbrugge.

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Wire Twisting Fcps 8in TC 3mm rounded tip
Millennium Number: 82.4237
Wire Twisting Fcps 8in TC 4mm square tip
Millennium Number: 82.4232
Kern Bone Forceps w Ratchet 175mm
Millennium Number: 0-47062