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Clamps are used in orthopedic surgery to secure towels and dressing materials, to close vessels, and to secure instruments within the surgical site during, for example, bone reduction. Popular patterns include the bone vise, bone mill, orthovise, slaphammer, Calvo and Cannestra fracture clamps, metatarsal clamps, femoral head, bone clamps such as Ikuta and Lambert and Lewin, cartilage and meniscus clamps, and pin vices.

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Redler Percutaneous Pin Clamp-.0.035in Diam
Millennium Number: 85-181035
Redler Percutaneous Pin Clamp-.035
Millennium Number: 101-181035
Redler Wrist Bone Clamp w/ Drill Guide -45
Millennium Number: 101-188545
Redler Wrist Bone Clamp with Drill Guide -45
Millennium Number: 85-188545
Resnick Allis Bone Clamp
Millennium Number: 101-1385
Sesamoidectomy Clamp 6 1/2in slightly ccvd
Millennium Number: 46.8872
Sterilizable Table Clamp
Millennium Number: 101-2595
Table Clamp
Millennium Number: 101-9120
Teurlings MedialMalleolar Clamp W/Wire Guide
Millennium Number: 101-1803
Tibial Wedge Removal Clamp
Millennium Number: 101-3685
Vogen Sesamoid Clamp 4in shaft
Millennium Number: 46.2050
Walton Cartilage Clamp 8in cvd on side
Millennium Number: 49.2230
Bone Fragment Clamp 5 1/2in Cvd Ball tips
Millennium Number: 47.6020
Bone Fragment Clamp 6 1/2in Cvd Ball tips
Millennium Number: 47.6030
Bone Fragment Clamp 8in Cvd Ball tips
Millennium Number: 47.6040