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Many types of laryngeal retractors can be used during surgical procedures. Chest supports and laryngoscope holders are available for adult and pediatric procedures. Self-retaining retractors such as the Wullstein Weitlaner enable the retraction of tissues. Handheld retractors are also common. If you don't see the surgical retractor you are looking for, contact us. We can reference any catalog number from any company.

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BENJAMIN-PARSONS Chest Supp/Laryng Hldr Adult
Millennium Number: 104-5501294
BENJAMIN-PARSONS Support Rod 34cm 13 1/3
Millennium Number: 104-5501295
Chest Supp for Oper Laryngoscope 34cm adults
Millennium Number: 104-5501300
Chest Support Rod 34cm/13.33
Millennium Number: 104-5501292
Chest Support/Laryngoscope Holder for Adults
Millennium Number: 104-5501290
Chest support/Laryngoscope Holder for Childrn
Millennium Number: 104-5501296
Millennium Number: 1-781113
Laryngoscope Holder Only for Oper Laryngoscop
Millennium Number: 104-55013002
Laryngoscope Holder W/Metal Screw for Adults
Millennium Number: 104-5501291
Laryngoscope Holder w/Metal Screw for Child
Millennium Number: 104-5501297
Wullstein Weitlaner Ret, 3x3 blunt 6
Millennium Number: 16-200116