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Handheld and self-retaining retractors are both commonly used in podiatry surgical procedures to secure incisions in an open position and to manipulate tendons, arteries, veins, and other tissues. Popular patterns include Mini-Hohmann retractors, Johnson Neuroma retractors, Inge, Saxena-style retractors, Seeburger retractors, and Metatarsal retractors.

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gS X Johnson Neuroma Retr 4in 90 Deg. 9.5mm
Millennium Number: 38.8795
Inge Retractor 6 1/2in with teeth
Millennium Number: 40.3170
Johnson Neuroma Retractor 4
Millennium Number: 38.8797
Johnson Neuroma Retractor 5 1/2
Millennium Number: 38.8799
Millennium Number: 27-220101