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Muscle hooks are used in oculoplastic procedures for retrieving, fixation, and manipulating the muscles around the eye. Common patterns include Crawford, Hirschman and Shepard Iris, Scobee Oblique, and Tyrell.

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Millennium Number: 92-H0320
Double Fixation Hook LG 2mm
Millennium Number: 3-0533
Double Fixation Hook SM 1 1/2 MM
Millennium Number: 3-0532
Hirschman Iris Hook Angled 45 Degrees
Millennium Number: 3-0549H
Scobee Oblique Muscle Hook
Millennium Number: 3-0564
Shepard Iris Hook Blunt
Millennium Number: 3-0549B
TWS Fixation HK 3mm LT Contrclk
Millennium Number: 3-0544S
TWS Fixation HK 5mm LT Contrclk
Millennium Number: 3-0544L
Tyrell Iris Hook Sharp
Millennium Number: 3-0548