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Surgical elevators are used during shoulder surgery to retract soft tissue and lever the humeral head from the glenoid (Darrach style), to retract the labrum and anterior capsule (spiked Darrach), to retract biceps tendons (bicep elevator), and to expose the glenoid (posterior glenoid elevators). Additional patterns include Fukuda-type retractors and Femoral Neck elevators.

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Darrach Elevator 10 1/4in width 1/2in
Millennium Number: 43.9020
Darrach Elevator 10 1/4in width 3/8in
Millennium Number: 43.9010
Darrach Elevator 10 1/4in width 5/8in
Millennium Number: 43.9030
Darrach Elevator 13 3/4in width 1in
Millennium Number: 43.9040
Darrach Elevator 260mm width 25mm
Millennium Number: 0-46904-260
Elevator Femoral Neck 16in, 56mm, large
Millennium Number: 43.9428
Femoral Neck Elevator 13in 70mm 4.5in
Millennium Number: 43.9420
Femoral Neck Elevator 15in 31mm small 7in
Millennium Number: 43.9425
Frazier Dura Separator 6 1/2
Millennium Number: 43.9115-SO