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During shoulder surgical procedures, awls can be used to dilate holes in bone. Popular patterns include pen and perc awls. We can reference any catalog number from any company and we can help you with even the hardest-to-find surgical awl patterns.

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Shoulder Pen Awl 7in cvd phen
Millennium Number: 44.0157
Shoulder Pen Awl 9 1/4in cvd phen
Millennium Number: 44.0160
Shoulder Perc Awl 8 1/2 cvd med
Millennium Number: 44.0140
Shoulder Perc Awl 8 1/2 cvd sml
Millennium Number: 44.0130
Shoulder Perc Awl 8 1/2in cvd lrg
Millennium Number: 44.0150