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A bone rasps, or raspatory, is a coarse file used in podiatry procedures to sculpt bone and nail. Popular patterns include nail and bone rasps, Joseph rasps with fine cross serrations, backward cutting cottle rasps, Maltz, Aufricht Glabella, Lewis, Gallaher, and Fomon.

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Bone File #10 serrated
Millennium Number: 61.6420
Bone File #10 serrated DE
Millennium Number: 0-69542
Bone File #12 7in DE 5mm/7mm Plain Serr
Millennium Number: 61.6430
Bone File #12CA 7in DE 5mm/7mm cross
Millennium Number: 61.6450
Bone File #33 6mm/5mm plain serrations
Millennium Number: 61.6455
Bone File #92A 6in single ended
Millennium Number: 61.6338
Bone File #92B 6in single ended
Millennium Number: 61.6340
Bone Rasp #64 7in 3mm/4mm
Millennium Number: 61.1700
Nail Rasp #93 DE 6 3/4in angled 6 3/4in
Millennium Number: 61.6380