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Rongeurs are used in hip and knee procedures to gouge, grasp, and scoop out bone. Popular patterns include intraarticular rongeurs, Macko square tipped rongeurs, Mazzara pistol grip, Ortho rongeurs, Adson, and shark tooth.

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9 inch Grasping Rongeur with Lock
Millennium Number: 1-179102
Adson Rongeur 8in str 8x16mm SA
Millennium Number: 66.4028
Intra-articular Tissue Grasper/Rongeur-7in
Millennium Number: 1-179003
Ortho Grasper 10 1/2in str handle 7x20mm
Millennium Number: 49.2300
Ortho Grasper 8 1/2in curved handle 7x20mm
Millennium Number: 49.2280
Shark Tooth Rongeur 6 X10 millimeters
Millennium Number: 1-1798
Sure Grip Soft Tiss Grasp Rongeur w/tooth 5in
Millennium Number: 1-364501
Sypert Rongeur 14 1/2in 3mm DA
Millennium Number: 66.4790