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An orthopedic trocar is a syringe-shaped instrument with a sleeve through which a shaft with a sharp triangular point is passed. The shaft is used as a punch to create an opening through which the tube is passed. The tube is then used as a port during orthopedic procedures. Below are some popular styles but if you don't see the trocar or sleeve you are looking for below, contact us. We can reference any catalog number from any instrument company.

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11mm Trocar Sleeve with Silicone Valve, Comp
Millennium Number: 72-5295011TS
5.8 Cann w/ two Rotating Stopcocks High Flow
Millennium Number: 72-23031550
5mm Lite Trocar w/Threaded Sleeve
Millennium Number: 72-5290005T
5mm Trocar Sleeve Trapdoor Valve
Millennium Number: 72-5220552
6mm Trocar & Sleeve, 15cm WL, w/Lever Contol
Millennium Number: 72-5220615L
70mm Drain Cann Kit
Millennium Number: 72-230701
Blunt Tip Obturator for 5.8mm Speed-Lock Cann
Millennium Number: 72-23031511
Obturator for 5.8 cannula Sharp
Millennium Number: 72-23031520
Obturator for 5.8 Speed Lock Cannula Pencil T
Millennium Number: 72-23031510