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During cystoscopy, it might be necessary to obtain a tissue sample using Biopsy Forceps. These flexible graspers are available in various lengths, such as 23, 40 or 60 centimeters, and feature single- or double-action jaws with scissor, cup, or toothed grasper jaws.

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5Fr. 70cm Flexible Rat Tooth Grasper
Millennium Number: 72-3057028
Millennium Number: 72-3170031
Biopsy Fcp double action jaws 40cm 9Fr
Millennium Number: 72-3190021
Flexible Biopsy Cup 1mm Fcps 115cm
Millennium Number: 72-3131521
Flexible Biopsy Cup Forcep 3 FR 4O cm LONG
Millennium Number: 72-3130031
Flexible DA Biopsy Frcp 10FR 35cm
Millennium Number: 72-3113521
Flexible DA Foreign Body Frcps 10FR 35cm
Millennium Number: 72-3113522
Flexible grasper single action 7fr. 35cm
Millennium Number: 72-3170022
Flexible SA Biopsy Fcp w/Ring Hdl 8fr 35cm
Millennium Number: 72-318002935
Foreign Body Removal Fcps DA 7Fr. 40cm
Millennium Number: 72-3170023
Grasp Fcp for stone DA Jaws 3fr 60cm
Millennium Number: 72-3136023
Millin Grasping Forceps 23cm
Millennium Number: 72-3134624
Rigid Optical Biopsy Forcep
Millennium Number: 72-3130083