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ENT Endoscopes and Laryngoscopes are inserted into the mouth to enable visualization of the glottis during direct or indirect laryngoscopy. We can reference any catalog number from any company. Below are only a few of the examples of Jako, Jackson, and Anterior Commissure Laryngoscopes we can provide. For additional information, contact an instrument expert today.

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Jako-Laryngoscope Type I Adult 178 mm
Millennium Number: 72-402200P
Jako-Micro Laryngoscope Adult 178mm Type III
Millennium Number: 72-402206M
Laryngoscope Jackson Child
Millennium Number: 13-521552
Pediatric Laparoscope, 70 deg , 2.9mm, 20cm
Millennium Number: 72-5229270
Arthroscope/Sinuscope 2.7mm dia 0d 110mm wl 11cm
Millennium Number: 72-2327000110
Millennium Number: 72-2327030110
Arthroscope/sinuscope 2.7mmdia 0d 175mm wl 18cm
Millennium Number: 72-2327000
Arthroscope/sinuscope 4mm dia 30d 175mm wl 18cm
Millennium Number: 72-2340030
Arthroscope/sinuscope 4mm dia 45d 175mm wl 18cm
Millennium Number: 72-2340045
SINUS SCOPE 4mm Autoclavable 18cm  0 DEG.
Millennium Number: 72-3740000
SINUS SCOPE 4mm Autoclavable 18cm 30 DEG.
Millennium Number: 72-3740030
SINUS SCOPE 4mm Autoclavable 18cm 70 DEG.
Millennium Number: 72-3740070