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Surgical probes are used during neurosurgical procedures to manipulate nerves and tissues. Popular patterns include ball and nerve probes, Jannetta, Micro Lumbar, and Watson-Cheyne. We can reference any product number from any company so if you don't see the instrument you are looking for, contact us or call us today!

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JANNETTA Probe 45deg Angle Medium
Millennium Number: 9-53768001
JANNETTA Probe 45deg Angle Small
Millennium Number: 9-53767
JANNETTA Probe w/ ball tip angled
Millennium Number: 9-53770
Micro Lumbar Spine Probe 9 1/2in, 3.8mm
Millennium Number: 33.4258
Nerve Probe 15in Angled 45 degrees
Millennium Number: 25.2045
Nerve Probe 15in Angled 90 degrees
Millennium Number: 25.2050
Millennium Number: 11-FK293R