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Spreaders are used in lumbar spine procedures to hold the disk spaces open. They can also be used to measure the stiffness of spinal motion when used in conjuction with an appropriate load strain gauge. Popular patterns include Caspar, Inge, and Calcaneal spreaders.

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Caspar Specula Black Finish 65mm Blades
Millennium Number: 11-BV804
Caspar Specula Black Finish 75mm Blades
Millennium Number: 11-BV806
Caspar Specula Black Finish 85mm Blades
Millennium Number: 11-BV808
Millennium Number: 9-55085
Lumbar Lamina Spreader #1 3 1/2
Millennium Number: 40.2410
Spreader Calcaneal 4.5 10mm Blade Serr
Millennium Number: 40.3490