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Ophthalmic Knives for use in eye procedures provide precise and clean incision required for phacofragmentation and other ocular incisions. They are available in stainless steel and titanium and provide optimal visualization during the creation of the incisions. We offer popular and specialty patterns, any catalog number from any company, including Fukasaku Hockey Knives, Martinez, Paufique, Sapphire, Ziegler, and more.

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Millennium Number: 4-23735
Martinez Double End Dissector Knife
Millennium Number: 3-3001
Paufique Duredge Knife
Millennium Number: 3-3014
Sapphire knife Two-sided Keratome 3.0mm 60d
Millennium Number: 60-FSK03
Ziegler 3MM Knife Needle
Millennium Number: 3-0093