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Surgical stainless steel ware is used throughout hospital systems in areas from food preparation to the surgical suite. Popular stainless steel products include dressing and forceps jars, emesis basins, graduated measures, sponge bowls, solution basins, and procedure bowls used to hold and identify solutions. We can provide you with any stainless steel product you require. Simply contact us for a hassle-free quote.

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Sponge Bowl 30oz 6-27/64in x 2-1/4in
Millennium Number: 5-3903
Sponge Bowl 36oz 6-27/64in x 2-3/4in
Millennium Number: 5-3904
Sponge Bowl 48oz 7-9/16in x 3-3/16in
Millennium Number: 5-3905
Sponge Bowl 64oz 8-3/16in x 3-5/16in
Millennium Number: 5-3906
STERILIZATION TRAY 20 3/4in x 6 3/8in x 4in
Millennium Number: 93-E20064
STERILIZATION TRAY 20.75 x 4 inches
Millennium Number: 93-S20064
STERILIZATION TRAY 20.75 x 6 inches
Millennium Number: 93-E20066
Millennium Number: 5-3907
20.75 x 6.38 x 6 Sterilization Pan
Millennium Number: 93-30562